Travel Tips & Tricks for Healthy Eating on Vacation: Airport Hacks, Road-Trip Snacks & More

May 27 2022
Memorial Day weekend is here, which means summer vacations are officially impending! If you're looking for tips & tricks for smart eating while traveling, you're in the right place…

The #1 Rule: Have Fun!

This is vacation, and you probably don’t want to be too rigid with your eating. The goal is to make healthy choices when you can (basic breakfasts and smart snacks are a good foundation), but still give yourself some wiggle room to indulge. Enjoy those special meals when they come up: nice dinners out, the dessert of your dreams, etc. It's all about balance!

Airplane Hacks

Bring an empty refillable water bottle. Then fill it up after you get through security. Some airports even have dedicated bottle filling stations! Airline travel can be super dehydrating, and sometimes our brains tell us we’re hungry when we’re really just thirsty. If you forget to pack a bottle, you can always buy one before boarding.

Pack sturdy & compact snacks; bonus points for portion control. Protein bars, 100-calorie packs of nuts, apples… Basically, go for things that can handle being smushed into your carry-on bag. Bonus tip: Pack an extra empty bag to put your fruit waste and other trash in to make handling it easier. Click here for some of our favorite shelf-stable snacks.

Need a real meal at the airport? Take a lap! If you have the time, check out your options before you commit. This will help you find a smart & satisfying meal, and you can scope out which places are least crowded at the same time. (Airports have enough long lines; skip the optional ones.) Plus, getting in a quick walk before you're stuck sitting on a plane for hours is a win.

Road-Trip Tips

Do your snack shopping ahead of time. Grocery stores have way more options than gas-station convenience stores. Why limit yourself?

Bring a cooler! This is one of the biggest perks of road tripping—you can bring whatever you want. String cheese, yogurt cups, deli meat, cut fruit & veggies, sandwiches you made at home… It's all eligible. And of course, your drinks can stay cold too!

Do some food-stop research ahead of time. Rather than just grabbing fast food at the next rest area, see if there might be a hidden gem just off the beaten path. (Hello, Yelp!) Hooray for bonus adventures—it's all about the journey.

Destination DOs

Once you arrive, hit the grocery store. Even if you're in a hotel and won't be cooking for yourself, it's nice to have healthy basics like fruit, protein bars, or yogurt on hand. Think simple morning options and wholesome midday snacks. Nutritious food = more energy to make the most of your vacay.

Assess the coffee & tea situation. Vacations get pricey enough, but an easy place to save is on your caffeine fix. Does the hotel have coffee in the lobby? Great. Is there a way to make some in your room? Check out what the machine uses (K-cups, loose coffee, etc.), because you might want to pick up extra supplies at the store. Tea drinker? Stash a handful of your favorite tea bags when you pack. And if all else fails, Starbucks VIA packets are a lifesaver.

And when in doubt, refer to Rule #1!

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