How to Make Better Iced Coffee

Apr 5 2024
Wanna know how to make better iced coffee at home? We have five great tricks that are soooo easy. Whether you start with instant coffee, K-cups, bottled cold brew, or classic coffee, these easy additions will take your cool caffeination to another level!

Upgrade Your Milk

Changing the milk in your coffee drink can change the overall flavor in a big way! There are a vast number of flavored and unflavored milks on the market, both dairy and non-dairy. It might surprise you, but banana milk tastes AMAZING in coffee! The flavor can be subtle. (See Lisa’s Secret Cereal Milk Latte). And for a decadent topper, use a milk frother with a cold-foam option.

Up Your Ice Game

Your iced coffee can be as good or as bad as your ice. You might want to look into a countertop ice maker that whips up chewy nugget ice! There are some affordable models out there, in addition to much pricier (but INCREDIBLE) options. Another hack we love? Pour brewed coffee into your ice cube trays and make coffee ice cubes that won’t dilute your drink!

Elevate with Extracts

Flavored coffees are always fun, but rather than buying a bunch of different coffee flavors OR adding sugary syrups, we like to change things up using amazing extracts. The grocery store baking aisle has options, but online is where you’ll tend to find some more offbeat picks. Add your sweetener of choice to bring out the flavor. This Creamy Caramel Iced Vanilla Latte is a dream…

Raid Your Pantry for Powders

The secret to amazing iced coffee might be waiting for you in your kitchen cabinet! Powdered creamer (dissolved in a tiny bit of warm water!) is a delicious no-brainer, but have you considered malted milk powder? Just a little bit adds big flavor, like in this Super-Duper Cocoa-rific Coffee Malt. And we urge you to grab a dark cocoa powder for maximum chocolate flavor, as tasted in this Frozen Mexican Mocha.

Whip It Good

Back in 2020, we fell hard for Dalgona-style whipped coffee. The technique requires blending instant coffee, sweetener, and hot water until frothy, and then pouring it over your choice of milk. It’s like an inverted latte! Our basic 100-Calorie Dalgona Coffee and dreamy Banana Dalgona Coffee are nowhere near out of style… Get the essentials, and make them for years to come.

Chew on this:

Happy National Caramel Day, April 5th! Here’s one more caramel’icious coffee drink for the road: our Banana Caramel Coffee Freeze. (YES, we really love coffee + bananas this much.)

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