How to Reduce & Prevent Bloat: Healthy Foods, Recipes & Advice

Jun 14 2023
Feeling bloated? It happens. If you're looking for tricks to reduce and prevent bloat, we have the advice, healthy foods, and recipes you need…

How to Reduce & Prevent Bloat: Tips & Tricks

Drink lots of water. This is an easy first line of defense. Yes, even if you're retaining water—flush out the stored water! Starting the day with lemon water has also been shown to assist.

Go for a walk. Any kind of movement is a good idea, and a walk is an easy place to start, especially if you're experiencing discomfort.

Eat smaller portions at regular intervals. Big meals tend to throw off your digestion, so don't give your body more than it can handle at a time. Additionally, don't eat too fast or too close to bedtime.

Make sure it's not a medical condition. We're not medical professionals, so use your best judgment. Check in with your doctor if this is an ongoing problem. If your body's trying to tell you something, listen!

Keep a food diary. Write down what you eat (and when) in a journal, and see if you can identify what might be triggering bloating spells: Lots of salt? A dairy sensitivity? Beans? Foods on the FODMAP list (especially garlic & onions) can be common culprits. And now that we're talking food…

Limit sugar alcohols. Any sweetener that ends with "tol" (maltitol, sorbitol, etc.) contains sugar alcohols that may cause some gastrointestinal hijinks. Check the ingredient lists on any sugar-free foods before consuming.

Eat fiber, but not too much. Yes, fiber is important. But if you're thinking, "Why am I bloated? I eat TONS of veggies and beans!", you might be getting too much of a good thing. Dial it back, and if you're planning to increase your fiber intake, do so gradually to find your best balance.

Limit carbonated drinks. Finding yourself with a gut full of air? Eschew the bubbly waters and sodas in favor of flat H2O-based drinks. Sipping herbal teas (like mint, chamomile, ginger, and dandelion) can help soothe your insides too.

Scale back on salt. It's not just the saltshaker—keep an eye on the sodium count of any packaged foods you consume. If you already went hard on the salt, go for some natural diuretics (like celery, lemon, and asparagus) to help draw out excess water you may be retaining.    

Best Foods to Reduce & Prevent Bloat

From fiber to probiotics to potassium to omega-3s, these nutrient-rich staples may help ease discomfort. Click on the links for recipe ideas!

Plus… Prunes, pineapple, avocado, quick oats, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. So many delicious options!

Chew on this:

It's June 14th, National Strawberry Shortcake Day! This single-serving microwave shortcake features any berries you want to add in…

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