Last-Minute Amazon Holiday Gift Ideas Under $10

Dec 15 2023
What’s that? You haven’t finished your holiday shopping? Don’t sweat it. We have 10 Amazon gift finds that each cost less than $10 (plus bonus items!)—perfect for last-minute gifting! Now is the time to check your list twice…

HG Heads-Up: The price listings here are accurate at the time of publication, but prices on Amazon are subject to change.

Plush Magnetic Eye Glass Holder

Do you have a friend or family member who is forever asking if you’ve seen their glasses? Are you yourself this person? Either way, peep this super-cute glasses holder. It’s not a full-on case that you carry around; it’s a holder that you place on your desk, coffee table, or any place you’re likely to need those lenses. (Looking for readers too? These are WAY more stylish than drugstore frames.)

Universal Cleaning Gel

If this cleaning gel feels odd to give as a gift, know that this neon goo is one of THE MOST frequently purchased Amazon finds every time we feature it. Two reasons: It’s useful, and it’s very affordable. Plus, it’s squishy and fun, and who wouldn’t want that in a gift? Pair it with some Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater Spray (another perennial hit!), and your pal’s world will get a lot cleaner FAST.

The Official Bob Ross Coloring Book: The Colors of the Four Seasons

This coloring book is so soothing, and who doesn’t love Bob Ross? The book features 65 seasonal paintings refashioned from Bob Ross's original works, all peppered with quotes and catchphrases from the man himself. Getting this would make anyone feel like a happy little tree!

Hand Cream Gift Set

Bye bye, dry winter hands! This set has two hand creams with shea butter—one lavender scented, one rose scented. Plus, it comes with an exfoliating cream in a jasmine fragrance. For even more pampering on a budget, pick up some sweet holiday lip balms too.

Insulated 14-oz. Tumbler with Lid

Take your coffee to go, and keep it hot too! Let’s be real: One can never have too many to-go coffee cups. Help your pals skip the coffee shop and BIY (Brew It Yourself)—the lid is leakproof, and the cup comes in a bunch of great colors. (There’s a 10-oz. size too for a dollar less!) Step it up even more with a set of swanky stirring spoons

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Naughty or Nice Gift Box

Super stocking stuffer! Who says you can't play with your food? This fun gift set includes ten tasty Nice flavors and ten weird Naughty look-alike flavors, plus a spinner that helps you determine which section to try your luck in. Is that jelly bean Cappuccino flavored... or is it Liver & Onions? Only time will tell. And if you’d rather play it safe, get this classic Jelly Belly Fabulous Five gift box.

Large Travel Toiletry Bag

We’re constantly on the hunt for the perfect toiletry bag. This one has a lot going for it—it stands upright, and it has a series of pockets around the inside, helping you keep everything in its proper place. Just zip it closed, and lock it down! It comes in several colors, so it’s just right for anyone on your list. P.S. For major organization fiends, this hanging toiletry bag is also impressive…

Jar & Bottle Opener Set

Maybe don’t lead with “Hey, I saw ‘jar opener for weak hands’ and I thought of you,” but this kit is full of super-useful items that your gift recipients might not think to buy for themselves. (And seriously, who WANTS to wrench at a jar until their hands ache?) The multi-opener fits most twist-off lids, and the 5-in-1 bottle opener handles plastic bottles, classic bottle caps, and more. Plus, you get 2 flat rubber grippers + a standard bottle opener for any other needs!

Christmas Tote Bags (Set of 8)

Go ahead and order these NOW, for others and for you. We’re constantly juggling packages, boxes, food items, etc. during the holiday season, so why not do it with a little flair? Each bag is made from high-quality non-woven fabric and features a festive print. Putting together a gift bundle? Stuff it into a tote. Don’t love wrapping your gifts? Skip it and use a tote. Hauling leftovers home after a feast? Good thing you have that tote.

Talking Tables Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions & Charades Cards

Oh look, it’s the antidote to awkward post-dinner silence! The set comes with 60 Christmas trivia questions with classic charades ideas on the bottom, so that’s two all-ages games in one. (Some reviews report that the cards are a tad small, so make sure you’ve got your readers!)

Chew on this:

It’s December 15th, National Lemon Cupcake Day. These Lemon Almond Mini Cakes are the perfect something-sweet to enjoy with an afternoon coffee or post-dinner tea.

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