Lisa's Latest Amazon Finds & Purchases (July '23)

Aug 11 2023
It's time for a new round of What's in Lisa's Amazon Cart?: the game where Lisa (aka Hungry Girl) shares her latest online finds and purchases! OK, it's not so much of a game as a virtual show & tell session. Lisa does a LOT of Amazon shopping, so we're always excited to hear about her latest haul…

Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater

The Details: This laundry stain remover has about 43,000 Amazon ratings with a 4.4-star average, is a Best Seller, and scored a Climate Pledge Friendly badge. It's safe for use around kids and pets, and it’s said to be effective on both fresh and set-in stains. Pretty impressive!

Lisa's Verdict: It works!!!

AMOMOMA Trendy Oversized Blue Light Stylish Readers

The Details: Gone are the days of frumpy reading glasses! Amazon has a ton of cute options, and we love that these have blue-light blocking protection, filtering 99% of harmful UV rays. Buh-bye, eye strain. Score three pairs for under $20.

Lisa's Verdict:  I’m obsessed with these…

Caracilia Women's Short Overalls

The Details: In case you haven't heard, it's *checks notes* HOT outside. So, when the temps are sky high, having clothing that's flowy and comfortable is key. Available in 10 different colors, these overall shorts are made from a linen/rayon blend, so they look stylish and feel great. Pssst… These are currently 11% off!

Lisa's Verdict: Soooo cute—and heads up: They run big!

Swoon Barbie Pink Lemonade

The Details: Barbie fever is everywhere! This lemonade isn't just pretty in pink—it's also naturally sugar free, thanks to the monk fruit sweetener. Plus, the rosy hue comes from vegetable juices, not artificial flavors, and it has 100% of your daily vitamin C.

Lisa's Verdict:  This is cute, and totally delicious!

Hoinvaet Magic Slushy Maker

The Details: Who doesn't want the ability to turn any drink into a slushy in minutes? Think of this like a handheld ice cream maker. Keep the cup with its outer freezing layer in the freezer. Then when you're ready for a treat, pour your liquid of choice into the inner cup, and squeeze 'til it's all slushy!

Lisa's Verdict: It’s a keeper: Click to watch me try it!

JOYRIDE Uncommon Candy Berry Gummy Guppies

The Details: Chewy candies with zero sugar AND zero sugar alcohols are booming right now. This is a plant-based twist on Swedish Fish, sweetened with allulose and stevia extract. Only 80 calories and 9g net carbs for the whole 1.7-oz. bag!

Lisa's Verdict: Soft and tasty! They taste like berries. They don't have a classic Swedish Fish flavor, but I love them so so much. Satisfying! Click to watch me try.

Chunful 6 Pcs Clear Preppy Patch Makeup Bag

The Details: Having a variety of zip-up pouches on hand is key for keeping organized, and the fact that these are clear makes the constant "Where the heck did I put [insert lost item here]?" struggle a lot easier. The PVC material also makes them waterproof, and the patches are both cute AND functional.

Lisa's Verdict: I love these pouches so much, I have purchased them as gifts for many people.

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

The Details: This find is a longtime favorite of Lisa's, so there's little mystery here whether she likes it or not. These pods are a mainstay at Hungryland, and just take a look at the Amazon reviews & ratings: Fans of these Cinnabon K-cups are everywhere!

Lisa's Verdict: Yup, I love this coffee so much, and I have it delivered every single month… not fake tasting, just perfectly mildly cinnamony!

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