6 Habits Ruining Your Diet

Mar 30 2018
Don't let careless habits counteract your otherwise healthy food routine! Here are six common pitfalls to watch out for...

Snacking While Watching TV

When it comes to activities that lead to mindless eating, television viewing is the number-one offender. The TV itself isn't the primary culprit -- it's distraction in general. Eating while working, driving, or scrolling on your phone can also lead to accidental overeating. That’s because you're not really paying attention to your food: how much you’re eating and how satisfied you feel. Not willing to completely give up your viewing & chewing habit? Portion out your meal or snack before you sit down to spare yourself a bottom-of-the-bag bummer.

Boredom & Avoidance Eating

Snacking just because you've got nothing else to do? It's more common than you might think! In addition to eating out of boredom, we sometimes eat because we're putting off something we don't want to do. Our advice? Break the habit with 10 minutes of something FUN. Take a walk, read a magazine, call a friend... Keep your hands busy and away from the pantry! Then take a few minutes to assess if there's something you need to do. If there is, promise yourself a non-food reward as an incentive to check off your to-do list.

Finishing Off Leftovers (Even Though You're Full)

If you're eyeballing a second helping of the tasty dinner you prepared, or ogling your dining partner's leftovers, take a PAUSE. Have a glass of water, wait a few minutes, and then decide whether you really need more food. Sure, you don't want to be wasteful, but your body isn't a garbage disposal! If there's enough food left that you'd feel bad throwing it out, refrigerate it for another time. Even if it's not a full serving, it might make a great midday snack...


This is an admittedly broad category. Grazing can strike at any time! At a party, grabbing a bite here and there; making the kids' lunches, and taking a bite every so often; walking into the kitchen, not remembering why you walked in there, and eating something just because… Ack! The best defense against grazing? Start food journaling, a.k.a. writing down everything you eat throughout the day. You'll quickly realize how often you reach for those extras, and you're likely to think twice before doing it!

Snacking Instead of Sipping

You feel that familiar pang… You're hungry, right? Not necessarily! What feels like hunger might be dehydration. Before you dive for the nearest snack, ask yourself how much water you've had today. If the answer is "Uhhhh, I don’t know... I know I had some at some point…,” chug some agua and wait a few minutes. Still hungry? Cool, have a snack. But you might find you don't need it!

Meal Skipping

Are you the type who often loses track of time? You get busy with a project, forget to eat lunch, and then find yourself ravenously making poor food choices later because you are HUNGRY. Plan your meals ahead of time, especially when you know your schedule is slammed. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you it's time for a break. And keep emergency snacks on hand for those times when you truly can't stop for a meal. Keep yourself steadily fueled throughout the day so you don't get off kilter and out of control!

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