Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

Jun 30 2023
Upgrade your kitchen! Whether you're ordering online or picking up from your local store, we found sooo many must-have gadgets & tools to choose from. Here are some key picks…

OXO Little Salad and Herb Spinner

We're big fans of OXO and love the full-sized spinner, but sometimes we hesitate to drag out the jumbo gadget. So, when we saw the smaller version, it caught our attention right away! If you wash your lettuce on a salad-by-salad basis, this is the perfect size for you. It's easy to store the whole thing in your fridge, and bonus: you can use the outer bowl as a salad bowl!

Dash Mini Waffle Bowl Maker

HOW CUTE is this? DIY some mini waffle bowls, and let the fun begin! We're already dreaming of filling one with fresh summer berries and whipped topping. Hot tip: Shop Dash's entire line of countertop appliances, such as the smash-hit egg cooker and this mug ice cream maker (which might be a solid companion for the waffle bowl maker).

Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender with Travel Lid

Smoothie fans, check this out! There are all kinds of alternatives to classic countertop blenders, but this one’s blending canister doubles as a sip & go cup, complete with a travel lid. It's portable, lightweight, and fits most car cup holders. Cleaning is also a snap: Just add water + a little soap, and blend to wash! And if you need any further convincing, this Amazon’s Choice pick has more than 102,000 ratings (yes, really!) with an average of 4.2 stars.

Sun Squad 1.8-Gallon Plastic Figural Pineapple Beverage Dispenser

Stay hydrated, but also stay cute! This is the kind of thing you might relegate to the for-parties-only category, but it’s too much sunshiny fun to leave in the cupboard. We suggest that you keep it filled up at all times and enjoy it as long as you can, whether you use it for water, iced tea, lemonade, or spa water (with add-ins like fresh herbs, citrus, and cucumber). Just sip & smile…

Brita Plastic Water Bottle with Water Filter

You can't bring your Brita with you everywhere… or can you? Pick up this water bottle if you live in an area where the tap water could use some assistance. This way, you can have the filtered water you love any time, any place. Plus, check out all the colors! You can also get replacement filters to keep on hand.

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