7 Easy Ways to Save 100 Calories

Apr 13 2018
Think cutting calories is hard? Each of these seven DELICIOUS swaps will save you 100 calories... or more!

Instead of a small bag of chips, have a big bowl of popcorn!

A single portion of potato chips contains around 160 calories… and it’s way smaller and less satisfying than we like our snacks! Need a better choice? Try a heaping serving of 94% fat-free popcorn. Instead of that measly bag of greasy chips, eat 3 whole cups of the popcorn for about 60 calories. That’s 100 calories saved!

Instead of sugary soda, sip flavored sparkling water!

Want to cut sugar and stay on trend? Reach for unsweetened flavored sparkling water! There are so many tasty 0-calorie options, from Perrier to LaCroix to Bubly to Trader Joe’s! Watermelon Perrier and Cherry Bubly are two of our top picks. Zero calories versus around 140 calories for a can of soda? Score!

Instead of a carb-heavy bagel, reach for a slim English muffin!

Bagels get all the prestige, but English muffins are totally underrated. Whether you cover those nooks & crannies with jelly, top with light butter, or pile 'em high with an egg scramble, you're in for major calorie savings. The average English muffin has 130 calories (light varieties have around 100), while a standard bagel has closer to 300. And English muffins are good for more than just breakfast... They’re the perfect size for burger patties!

Instead of calorie-dense peanut butter, grab powdered peanut butter.

This incredible calorie-slashed find is something we ALWAYS love to brag about. It's literally peanuts that have had most of the fat removed! Mix it with water for a creamy spread that’s loaded with flavor but staggeringly low in calories. Switch out 2 tbsp. of regular peanut butter for 2 tbsp. of the powder, and you'll kick 100+ calories out of your life. Find it in the peanut butter aisle, or scoop up this best seller on Amazon.

Instead of gloppy calorie-clogged salad dressing, top your greens with zesty salsa!

YES, REALLY! Restaurant salads can be deceptively heavy. Over 1,000 calories heavy, thanks in large part to that fattening dressing. So next time, request a side of salsa when they ask what kind of dressing you'd like. You’re likely to save HUNDREDS of calories. If the thought of straight-up salsa on salad greens is a little too foreign to you, mix it with balsamic vinegar for a flavorful tomato vinaigrette. You can also make this switch at home. Try it with fruity salsa, southwest salsa, or fire-roasted salsa!

Instead of basic ground beef, supersize your meat with chopped mushrooms!

For this swap, you don't need to go all in... Just meet us halfway! Next time you're cooking up a pound of ground beef, trade 4 oz. of the meat for 2 cups of finely chopped mushrooms. Use it throughout the week, and you’ll have saved around 100 calories. The texture of the mushrooms helps them blend in seamlessly, and they’ll absorb that beefy flavor. Yummm...

Instead of creamy soup, order a broth-based starter.

Here's a double calorie-slashing whammy for you: Not only will you save about 100 calories by selecting the lighter soup, but you’ll slash calories in the long run. Studies have shown that starting a meal with a broth-based soup leads people to take in fewer calories overall! Go for chicken noodle, vegetable, minestrone, egg drop… So many classic options out there, so get slurping!

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