6 Skinny Habits to Start Today

Jul 20 2018
Dropping pounds and maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t always require a massive lifestyle overhaul! Start with these six simple tips, and you'll be well on your way…

Lemon Water at Breakfast

Some people claim it boosts metabolism; others say it promotes fat burning. While the jury's still out on those claims, we've personally found lemon water to be a fantastic tool for weight loss and maintenance. In fact, we recommend this on the Hungry Girl Diet, and our original testers reported that it helped with their success. And while lemon water isn't a proven weight-loss aid, it is a delicious way to get your H2O, and hydration is key for keeping hunger at bay. Plus, a glass of cold, warm, or hot lemon water is a clean way to start the day!

Snack Between Meals

Yes, really! Limiting yourself to breakfast, lunch, and dinner may not be what you need in order to stay satisfied all day. Many of us end up snacking on something throughout the day, so you may as well plan for it. Keep healthy snacks in your work fridge, desk drawer, purse, etc. Choose foods with protein, fiber, or both to keep you feeling full between meals. Here are some of our favorites. Another perk to midday snacking? You won't be famished when mealtime arrives, so you'll likely eat less. This is especially helpful when you're dining out and have less control over what's on your plate.

Master Label Reading

Sure, you glance at the calorie count (sometimes), but how about the serving size and the servings per container? So many people overlook these areas, but paying attention to them can save you from taking in countless unnecessary calories. Many foods and drinks look like single servings but actually contain two to three portions... and two to three times as many calories! Another faux pas is assuming all supermarket staples are created equal. Sure that jar of marinara is on sale, but it could have a sky-high calorie count due to added sugar and oil. Always compare labels before tossing anything in your cart.

Mouthwash After Meals

You know how most foods taste icky right after you brush your teeth? Same deal here. Give yourself a minty-fresh blast, and you'll be much less likely to idly munch afterward. What's the point when your food won't taste good? This little trick is a fantastic way to curb mindless chewing. The fresh breath is an added bonus! Carry around a travel-sized mouthwash, and you'll always be ready. (Sugar-free mint gum and mints are good in a pinch.)

BYOL: Bring Your Own Lunch (To Work)

Get the image of a brown bag with PB&J, chips, and a cookie out of your head. You can do soooo much better! Packing your lunch ahead of time is one of the very best things you can do for your diet. Not only is it likely to be healthier than your at-work options (fast food, takeout, leftover bagels from the morning meeting...), but it's also a great way to avoid impulsively making poor food choices on the fly. These two recipes are tailor-made for bringing to work.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Soda, juice, and sweetened coffee or tea drinks may seem kind of innocent, but the calories from these sugary beverages can really add up. (Don't even get us started on smoothies!) Have no fear: This doesn't mean water is your only option. Start swapping! Try zero-calorie soda (there are plenty of naturally sweetened options) and calorie-free flavored water. And when it comes to coffee and tea add-ins, choose no-calorie sweetener (like Truvia) and a low-calorie milk (like unsweetened almond milk). Check out the beverage section of our Official Supermarket List for more great picks.
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