HG Savvy Shoppers Food Truck Tour at Stop & Shop

May 17 2019

The Hungry Girl Savvy Shoppers Food Truck Is Rolling Up to a Stop & Shop Near You

Attention, shoppers: The Hungry Girl Savvy Shoppers Truck is coming to 200 Stop & Shop locations, starting next week! Get ready for…

⭑ FREE samples of healthy food finds
⭑ Money-saving COUPONS
⭑ HG tips & tricks, plus meal & snack ideas
⭑ General merriment and FUN

Click here for the full tour schedule -- plus an exclusive shopping guide with tips, tricks & coupons! -- and keep reading for more info about the awesome food finds that will be featured…

Silk Almondmilk
With as few as 30 calories per cup, Silk Almondmilk is a MUST for creamy coffee drinks, smoothies, oatmeal, and more. It’s free from dairy, gluten, carrageenan, cholesterol, AND artificial colors & flavors. Wowza!

Breakstone’s LiveActive Lowfat Cottage Cheese
Stick a spoon into this single-serving cottage cheese (only 80 calories) boosted with prebiotic fiber. HG snack tips: Layer it up with fresh fruit, and try it in place of yogurt in your smoothies… Game changer!

Cascadian Farm Organic Granola
Get your crunch on! In Strawberry and Lemon Blueberry, this crispy whole-grain treat is full of good-for-you ingredients, like oats, pumpkin seeds, and fruit. Try it over Greek yogurt or mixed with popcorn for a breakfast-inspired snack mix.

Annie’s Creamy Deluxe Mac & Cheese
It’s a health-ified version of a childhood favorite! Annie's Creamy Deluxe Mac & Cheese comes with a squeezable pouch of REAL cheddar sauce. Supersize it with steamed veggies, or boost the protein with extra-lean beef.

Oui by Yoplait
This decadent yogurt line makes us want to squeal “weeee!” It’s French-style yogurt layered with sweet stuff like caramelized apple and chocolate shavings. And the petite size is PERFECT.

Off the Grid Waffles
For a protein-packed breakfast that’s ready in minutes, head to the freezer. Off the Grid Waffles have 12g complete protein AND 30 - 50 fewer calories per serving than other protein waffles. Get the scoop

Happy Inside Cereal
This is no ordinary cereal. Happy Inside is formulated with prebiotics, probiotics, and fiber to make your insides happy. Bonus: There are portion-controlled containers, and the flavors ROCK.

Just Crack an Egg
Instant egg mug, anyone? Enjoy a hot scramble complete with yummy add-ins in under 2 minutes. Just crack an egg into the cup, and pop it in the microwave. Easy cleanup = mornings made better! Check it out

MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burgers
Veggie burger winner! These patties are packed with wholesome beans and flavorful spices, and they have about 70 percent less fat than beef patties. Try one wrapped in a lettuce bun, on your salad… even mixed with your morning eggs. Your freezer called: It wants these.

Dole Spoonable Smoothies
Smoothie bowls you can stash in your freezer and enjoy anytime… and each one has less than 200 calories? It's true! Both flavors are CRAZY delicious, and the Pineapple Banana variety is reminiscent of classic Dole Whip. Genius.

Bitten Dressings
Take your salad to a whole new level with Bitten dressings, made with real fruit! Creamy, flavorful, and just 50 - 70 calories per 2-tbsp. serving. Strawberry, Lemon Poppy Seed, Blueberry Basil... Mmmm!

Triscuit Crackers & Wheatberry Clusters
Triscuit crackers are a wholesome classic, but have you tried the brand's Wheatberry Clusters? They're made with whole grains and come in 3 tasty varieties: Cranberries & Cashews, Cherries & Almonds, and (our fave) Pumpkin Seeds & Sweet Corn. Must-try find!

Envy Apples
These are so good they make other apples jealous. With their signature crunch and sweet flavor, Envy apples are naturally slow to brown when you cut them. You won’t want to miss the five easy snack ideas featured on the tour!

Find a Savvy Shopper Truck Event Near You!

The tour kicks off Wednesday in Connecticut… Click here for the full schedule! Supplies at each event are limited, so don’t dawdle :)

Bonus: Lisa will be making personal appearances at select locations! Stay tuned to the daily emails for updates…

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Back in 2007, we declared today (May 17th) to be Low-Cal Cherry Treats Day. One batch of Very Cherry Pie Bites, coming right up…

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