Time-Saving Kitchen Accessories Under $20 on Amazon

Feb 23 2024
Save time, save effort, save your sanity… and all with these handy finds from Amazon. Each one is under $20 (some of them by a LOT). We love kitchen hacks on a budget!

As Seen on Shark Tank

Click & Carry Grocery Bag Carrier

For those of us who can’t bear the idea of making more than one trip to carry groceries in from the car, this handle is here to save our aching fingers! The weight from the bags is distributed evenly over the easy-to-use handle with its comfortable gel padding. Use it to lock multiple bags into place, then they’re ready to haul either handheld or over-the-shoulder style.

Soak & Shake Your Bottles Clean

Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

Water bottles are daily essentials, but they’re not exactly easy to clean. That is, not unless you have cleaning tablets like these. Just fill your bottle/cup/hydration reservoir of choice with warm water, add a tab or two, and wait 15–20 minutes. Then shake it up, empty, rinse… and voila! Your squeaky clean drinking vessel is back in action. (P.S. Wanna clean out your Keurig? These pods make it effortless.)

Chop Fresh Herbs—No Cutting Board Needed

Kitchen Herb Shears with 5 Blades

Herbs are a great way to add a fresh finishing touch to your meal, and these scissors make that quicker and easier than ever. Just snip whatever you want straight off the bunch—you can cut them straight onto whatever you’re cooking! This is especially handy if you want to add fresh herbs to brighten up leftovers, but you don’t feel like pulling out a whole cutting board for it…

Teatime! Put the Kettle On…

Fast-Boil 1L Electric Kettle

Boil up enough hot water so everyone gets a cup of tea ASAP! This not-so-little teapot can heat an entire liter of water in about 3 minutes with its rapid-heat technology. The blue LED lights illuminate to show you that it’s at work, and it shuts off automatically once heating is complete for safety’s sake. Now THAT’s relaxing.

Steam Clean Your Microwave in Minutes!

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Don’t yell, mama—we’ll clean the microwave right away! This speedy hack makes the job extra easy. Fill the Angry Mama with white vinegar and water, pop her in the microwave, and nuke to steam for 5–8 minutes. Once things have cooled down a bit, the gunk on the inside of your microwave will be ready to wipe away. We can’t be angry at that.

Stale Snacks No More

Mini Chip Bag Sealer

Between rolling, folding, clipping, and twisting bags to try to keep our food fresh, we can’t help but think a better way must exist. This little handheld device lets you fully reseal your bags in a snap! It even has a little blade to help you open tricky bags.

Hungry for More Amazon Kitchen Finds Under $20?

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