Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks + Videos

Mar 22 2023
Who doesn't love a clever trick here and there? We love sharing time-saving kitchen hacks, so today we're featuring seven easy tips & tricks, featuring videos showing the hacks in action. (Would that be "hack-tion"? Never mind, let's get to the good stuff…)

The Easy Way to Shred Chicken

If you love cooking shredded chicken but don't love having to use that two-fork shredding technique, give this a try: Use an electric hand mixer instead! The trick is to make sure there's enough liquid in the pot when you shred it: Add some chicken broth if needed. Try it for yourself, then check out these recipes! You can also pop it in your stand mixer and shred using the paddle.

Make Iced Coffee Cubes

Iced-coffee fans, if you're not already doing this, you're doing yourself (and your java) an injustice. It's too simple—just freeze coffee into ice cubes. BAM! Those are your iced-coffee ice cubes. Store them in a sealable bag or container. Now you can enjoy iced coffee drinks without watering down your beverage. To save even more time, use instant coffee instead of hot coffee. Try this hack with our recipes for iced maltslattesmochaswhipped coffees, and more.

Cook in Foil Packs

This is an old-school Hungry Girl hack that we still use to this day. Before baking, seal your food between two sheets of aluminum foil to lock in moisture, get a more even cook, and cut down your cleaning time! Watch the video, then scope out these foil-pack recipes to put your knowledge in action.

How to Easily Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

There are many ways to cook hard-boiled eggs, but if you want a technique that cuts down that peeling time (and struggle!), check this out. The key? Ice bath. After cooking, get those eggies into a bowl of ice water for 20 minutes until they’re completely cold. After that, peeling should be a breeze. Check out these hard-boiled recipes!

The Best Way to Chop an Onion

For those of us who didn't go to culinary school, this simple trick for cutting onions is a game changer. It's as simple as this: Don't start by trimming off both ends! Leave the stem end intact, trim the root end and peel the outer layers, THEN start making your cuts. The whole thing will stay together without sliding around. So much easier.

How to Clean Your Milk Frother

We're big on making frothy coffee drinks at home, but what's the best way to clean between those little bitty coils? Spoiler: It's easy! Fill a cup or mug with hot water, add some dish soap, and turn on the frother. The soapy water will get all up into the same places your coffee creation did earlier. Give it a rinse, and you're good.

Easy Blender Washing Trick

This is another lesson in working smarter, not harder. Whatever you did to make the blender messy? Do it again with warm soapy water. (But not too hot, or the steam might cause an explosion!) Just blend the sudsy wash water, empty, rinse, and voila. Your days of carefully scrubbing the blades by hand are over. This calls for blender recipes

Hungry for More Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks?

If these time-saving kitchen hacks aren’t enough for you, don’t let us stop you… Read on!

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