Top Amazon Finds of April ’24: Beauty, Kitchen & More

May 3 2024
We feature a lot of great products in our Hungry Girl newsletters, so it’s easy to miss something great now and then… which is why we rounded up the top-selling Amazon products we shouted out last month! Readers like you jumped on these April finds, and we’d hate for you to be left out.

Fridge Odor Fixer (Lasts 10 Years!)

Purriko Refrigerator Deodorizing Odor Removal Box

Ditch the box of baking soda that's been in your fridge for who-knows-how-long. This gadget's advanced technology decomposes harmful gases, eliminating the odors at the source and keeping your fridge fresh for up to ten years. WOW. And we love that sleek compact design. Get one for your kitchen now…

Save Space, Cut Clutter!

Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer

We suspect HG readers (like us) have spring cleaning on their minds! This Amazon's Choice pick has five spots for brooms, rakes, and other handled tools, plus six flip-down hooks to hang smaller implements (brushes, cleaning gloves, dust rags, etc.). Each organizer holds 35 lbs. of gear. Pro tip: Order the money-saving 2-pack, with one for the kitchen and one for the garage!

Grab-n-Go Breakfast Accessories!

Overnight Oats Containers with Lids and Spoons

This set of four 16-oz. jars comes in assorted colors with screw-on lids, stainless steel spoons, and silicone spoon holders to keep everything together. BPA free, high quality, and all dishwasher & refrigerator safe! Since remembering to bring food BUT forgetting a utensil is a massive downer, these containers are a great way to bummer-proof your morning.

Speedy Smile Enhancer!

MySmile Teeth Whitening Powder

We don’t always have time to leave a whitening strip on our teeth for a 30-minute treatment, and this powder is a great quickie alternative. Just dampen your toothbrush, dip the bristles in the powder, and brush for two minutes. Don’t worry about harsh ingredients: This whitening powder is organic and contains no fluoride, synthetic additives, preservatives, or artificial colors & flavors. Now that’s worth smiling about…

Produce-Saving Food Storage!

Avux Fresh Food Containers

Available in both a 3-piece set and a 5-piece option, these food storage bins are a step above the ordinary. Each one comes with a colander basket, making it easy to wash produce before refrigerating. The basket also keeps moisture at bay, so your fruits and veggies last longer. Bonus: They’re stackable, aka major space savers!

Chew on this:

Heads up: Tuesday (May 7th) is National Teacher’s Day! If you order this special drinking glass now with 2-day delivery, it should get to you in time…

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