Chew the Right Thing Podcast: The Carb-Slashing Episode

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Protein-Packed Low-Carb Snacks (100 Calories or Less!)

There’s a new crunchy snack in town, made of REAL cheese! ParmCrisps are keto-friendly baked crackers made from 100% cheese and delicious flavors, and they’re loaded with satisfying protein. Plus, only 0 - 2g carbs! The Original flavor is classic, but we’re also loving the newest varieties (in traditional potato chip flavors, but without all the carbs!): tasty Sour Cream & Onion and extra-cheesy Cheddar. ParmCrisps are perfect for snacking, dipping… even topping off salads and casseroles. Stock up on Amazon! Also available in select stores… Click to locate

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