Healthy Meal Solution: No Prep, No Mess

Oct 29 2019

Hi HGers,

It’s me, Lisa! I’m here to tell you why I personally LOVE the new Fresh and Easy meal kit delivery service. While I’m all about creating new recipes in the kitchen, there are nights when I want someone else to do all the prep work for me. Enter Fresh and Easy! Read on for four reasons you should give these go-to meal kits a try this week…

Cheaper than the Grocery Store

You might think that meal kit delivery means spending more, but that’s not the case with Fresh and Easy. Since the kits contain only the exact ingredient amounts you need, you won’t overspend on unused ingredients. In fact, Fresh and Easy meals are MUCH cheaper than if you went shopping for the same ingredients at the supermarket. Convenience + affordability = a major win in my book!

See the menu here!

Everything Is Pre-Measured, Chopped & Ready

Such a time (and effort!) saver. With Fresh and Easy, there’s no need to shop, clean, peel, chop, or even measure. Simply combine the recipe-ready ingredients in the kit’s oven-ready pan or grill-ready bag, and pop it in the oven or on the grill. It’s basically the easiest way to get a nutritious meal on the table, which means you’re way more likely to do it!

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Healthy Options for Everyone

To get the most bang for your calorie buck, go for the Carb-Conscious and Calorie-Conscious options, like this week’s Carolina BBQ Chicken with Cheesy Broccoli. Use the Customize It feature to add lean protein to the no-cook salads. And, since each ingredient is packaged separately, it’s simple to modify meals to fit your diet and easily track them. For example, try ditching the oil and using only half the cheese. (That’s what I do.) Easy peasy!

Check out the menu!

Free Meals for Hungry Girl Fans!

I think EVERYONE should give Fresh and Easy a try, and with this special offer, there’s no reason not to. Enter code HGFRESH80 at checkout to receive $80 off your first 4 boxes of Fresh and Easy. ($20 off each box.) That comes out to 8 delicious meals totally on the house! Don’t miss out… This offer expires in just a few days.

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Expires 11/1/19. First time customers only. Cancel at anytime.

Chew on this:

October is National Pork Month. In case you didn’t know, pork is surprisingly lean! Try it in this Chipotle Cheddar Pork Chop with Ranch Cauliflower and Zucchini, courtesy of Fresh and Easy.

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