The Hungry Girl Diet: Testimonials & Reasons It Works

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You won’t be hungry!

Mix & match your ideal meal plan.

Pizza, chocolate, pasta… You can have it all!

No complicated recipes or restrictions.

Tips & tricks make weight loss almost effortless.

This plan employs the best of the best.

Testers lost an average of 10 pounds in four weeks! Endorsed by RDN David Grotto.

This foolproof plan gives you EVERYTHING you need to see the number on the scale plummet down!

See What HG Diet Testers Are Saying About The Hungry Girl Diet…

“I am fitting into some of the clothes that I haven't fit in for over two years! I am so excited and ready to lose more weight. I found something that works for me, and I enjoy eating all that food!!!” - Mary G. (lost 16 lbs.)

“LOVE IT! Thank you for developing it for people like me. I enjoy food. . . I'm glad there is a plan out there that I can use and not feel like I'm missing out on everything.” - Stevenie E. (lost 11 lbs.)

“I'm ecstatic with my weight loss. I had been on a plateau [using another diet plan], and this diet gave me the boost I needed to get back on track. Simple, effective, and fabulous.” - Michelle M. (lost 16 lbs.)

Testing the Hungry Girl Diet definitely changed my life. I feel 1,000 percent better and have a ton more energy.” - Terri S. (lost 13 lbs.)

I LOVED this diet! The food was healthy, but also delicious. I loved that there was always so much food. I feel like I have learned how to eat better.” - Mary G. (lost 16 lbs.)

“I never felt hungry on the plan, which makes this plan stand out from others. I always felt hungry or unsatisfied when I was [on other diets], but I felt like I was always eating on this plan.” - Erin L. (lost 12 lbs.)

“I saw quick results, which motivated me to keep sticking with it. The changes I made to my lifestyle made an immediate difference.” - Chelsea D. (lost 10 lbs.)

“The plan is easy to stick to. It gives you a lot of options and you are NEVER hungry. I loved how easy most of the meals were to make.” - Amanda R. (lost 13 lbs.)

“I really enjoyed the simplicity of the plan and the feeling that I was making a huge shift in my thinking towards food and dieting. It was a fantastic experience and has probably been the most successful diet I've ever been on.” - Meredith B. (lost 14.8 lbs.)

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