How to Make Egg Scrambles in a Mug in the Microwave

Feb 29 2024
DIY egg mug time! We’re showing you exactly how to make mug egg scrambles in the microwave. Use your favorite add-ins—we’ve listed a bunch of ideas—then mug it up!

How to Make a Microwave Egg Mug

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Step 1: Spray a large microwave-safe mug with nonstick spray. Add veggies. Microwave for 30 seconds, or until slightly cooked.

Step 2: Blot away excess moisture. Add 1/2–3/4 cup (about 4–6 large) egg whites or liquid egg substitute and seasonings. Mix well. Microwave for 1 minute.

Step 3: Mix in cheese and precooked protein. Microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute, or until egg is fully cooked and cheese is melted.

Step 4: Stir well. Add toppings.

Customize Your Egg Mug

Our Favorite Veggies

spinach * chopped onion * canned or chopped mushrooms * chopped bell pepper * sun-dried tomatoes (bagged or rinsed)

Go-To Seasonings

garlic powder * onion powder * salt & pepper * taco seasoning * everything bagel seasoning * truffle salt

Cheese, Please…

shredded reduced-fat cheese * crumbled feta cheese * cottage cheese * reduced-fat cream cheese * The Laughing Cow Light cheese

Pump Up the Protein!

chopped chicken, turkey, or ham * crumbled bacon (turkey, center-cut, or precooked) * meatless or turkey crumbles * chopped turkey pepperoni


salsa * hot sauce * ketchup * scallions

Hungry for Egg Mug Recipes?

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