15 MORE Veggie-Based Carb Swaps

Jan 31 2018
Question@2x Hi Hungry Girl,

I LOVE low-carb starch swaps like cauliflower rice and spiralized veggies. Your veggie swaps email from last year is one of my favorites! Do you have more veggie-based carb swaps? Recipes, please!

Veggie-Swappin’ Susan
Answer@2x Hi Susan,

I’ve got TONS more veggie-based swaps for starchy carbs! They’re a great way to enjoy your favorites for fewer calories. Plus, you get a fiber boost from the vegetables! Swap ‘til you drop...

Instead of Rice… Cauliflower Rice

Let’s face it: Rice is kind of bland. It’s all about what you cook or top it with! Swap basic grains for nutrient-packed riced cauliflower. DIY (here's how) or pick up ready-made cauliflower rice, like the frozen kind by Green Giant.

Instead of Sweet Potatoes… Butternut Squash or Carrots

Sweet potatoes are delicious, but they're also calorie dense. Ditch those carby spuds for other orange veggies. Baked carrots and butternut squash taste a lot like sweet potatoes... but they have around HALF the calories!

Instead of Bread or Tortillas… Lettuce

Going breadless is one of the easiest ways to slash carbs and calories. Wrap your sandwich and burger goods in big ol' lettuce leaves. And instead of tortillas, switch to lettuce wraps. You can’t beat that crunch…

Instead of Pasta… Spiralized Veggies

Veggie noodles are the answer to your pasta-loving prayers. They absorb the flavor of your sauce, so you get more taste and fewer carbs. WIN! Mega thanks to the folks at Green Giant for making our lives easier with their freezer-aisle line of Veggie Spirals.

Instead of Pizza Crust… Spinach, Cauliflower, or Mushrooms

Don’t kick pizza to the curb… Just ditch traditional crust! I was surprised at how crispy and delicious a spinach or cauliflower crust could be. Looking for a meatier alternative? Load all your pizza toppings onto a portabella cap. Mmmm...

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