Behind the Scenes at Hungryland

Aug 23 2017
Question@2x Hi Hungry Girl,

I've seen "Hungryland" on Facebook Live, and it seems like a magical place! Can you tell me more about what goes on there? What's your average day like at the Hungry Girl headquarters?

Curious Carol
Answer@2x Hi CC,

Thanks for watching our live broadcasts on Facebook! Hungryland is pretty magical. I had so much fun designing it, and I truly love coming to work each day. Here's a sneak peek at an average day for me at Hungryland…

I usually start my day with some kind of beverage at our custom coffee cart.

These days, I'm really into cold brew with Truvia. It's also fun to catch up with everyone in the employee kitchen before the workday starts. (We have a separate kitchen for recipe testing... More on that later!)

Time to write!

Next, I work on our upcoming daily emails and other Hungry Girl content. You can find HG content on, in Redbook magazine, on, and more. Plus, we're hard at work on the first issue of the Hungry Girl magazine, coming in January!

At this point in the day, I'm getting hungry, which means it's a good time for product tasting.

Each week, dozens of boxes arrive at Hungryland from companies hoping we'll like their products and write about them. We also scour the shelves ourselves to see what's new. Our favorites end up in Monday's "Spotted on Shelves" section.

Photo shoot time!

My team and I develop tons of recipes here, and they all need to be photographed before making their online debut. We have a big prop closet with different dishes and napkins for styling the photos. (Even food needs accessories!) And in case you're wondering, I tend not to eat the food after it's been sitting out for a photo session. (I call it celebrity food, because it's been in front of the camera!)

There are ALWAYS new recipes being tested in the test kitchen.

This is nonstop! We develop recipes for the daily emails, partners, books, and the new magazine. I'm constantly popping back into the test kitchen to work on developing, testing, and perfecting recipes. I like to think that I have universal taste buds and know what people will like!

And, of course, Lolly is often running around and occasionally taste-testing recipes.

She's basically the office mascot, and she makes everyone's day better! If you need a pick-me-up, pop on over to her Facebook page to check out some of her talking videos!

Chew on this:

Today, August 23rd, is National Buttered Corn Day. Bypass the butter and whip up this Mexi-Corn Avocado Toast!

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