6 Inexpensive Amazon Workout Essentials

Mar 17 2023
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I want to start working out at home, but I can't exactly afford a home gym. Any budget-friendly equipment you'd recommend? Thanks!

Calorie Burner on a Budget
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Way to get in front of your exercise goals! If you don't have the time, money, or desire to work out at a gym, at-home workouts are a fantastic solution. Here are six inexpensive items you can buy over on Amazon...

Adjustable Jump Rope

If you thought a jump rope was just for the playground, think again. You can get a great cardio workout from this little piece of equipment. This one is adjustable, so you can share it with your family and avoid tripping over excess length. According to the Jump Rope Institute—yup, that's a real thing—just five minutes a day of jumping can improve your physical health. Who doesn't have time for that? Jump to it!

Dumbbell Set

Don't be intimidated by weights! The trick is to stock up on a few different sizes, so you can make adjustments based on the muscles you're working. For example, use a heavier set for bicep curls and a lighter set for your triceps. Weights aren't just for building muscle... Using these will really amp up your calorie burning! Sometimes I'll hold onto a light pair of dumbbells while I Housewalk. Try it! This three-size set is awesome (not to mention, cute) and even includes a handy stand.

Balance Ball with Hand Pump

This jumbo exercise ball is great for stability and balance. The 65-cm version is good for most heights; you'll be able to sit on it and easily rest your feet on the floor. Lie back on it for crunches, sit on it while lifting weights and, best of all, use it as a desk chair to improve balance while you work! I love that this ball comes with an easy-to-use pump, so you can easily adjust the firmness.

Extra-Thick Yoga Mat

Don't let the name fool you; this anti-tear mat is good for more than just yoga. Use it for any type of floor exercise where you need a little cushioning. Crunches, stretches, planks... You name it. I love that this mat comes in a bunch of fun colors and includes a handy carrying strap. (Plus, it has over 87,000 reviews, with a 4.5-star average... Clearly, people love it!)

Resistance Bands

These stretchy bands allow you to perform so many different types of exercises anywhere. They're portable and hardly take up any room! (Hello, travel companion.) This five-pack is perfect, because it lets you adjust the intensity of your workout as you go. Start with the light band, and work your way up! Just loop a band over your arms or legs, and let the resistance do its thing. Trust me... You'll feel the burn!

Step Platform

Does this aerobic platform remind you of leg warmers and big hair? It was big in the '80s, but it's still relevant today! Use the elevated platform for both strength exercises, like lunges and inclined push-ups, as well as for cardio (yes, like step aerobics). This one includes two sets of risers, so you can vary the height and intensity. Put on your favorite '80s tunes, and get steppin'!

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Get your friends moving! Pass along these 6 inexpensive Amazon workout essentials now.


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