Lisa’s 4 Travel Tips for a Healthy Vacay!

Jun 20 2018 Hi Lisa,

Whether it’s vacation time or a business trip, my weight-loss routine goes right out the window whenever I travel. Any advice for planes, hotels, and other travel traps?

In-Flight Foodie Hi In-Flight Foodie,

I travel A LOT, so I’ve definitely got a healthy on-the-go routine down to a science. Here are my top tips...

Meal Plan Even if your flight is short, there’s travel time to and from the airport, long security lines, potential delays... You’re gonna get hungry! I like to arrive early and take a lap around the terminal to scope out the food options. (Bonus: You’ll get in some physical activity before sitting for a while!) I’ll usually grab a salad with chicken to take on the plane. And if you get to your location and your stomach’s growling, grab something at the destination airport before hitting the taxi line. You never know if you’ll get stuck in traffic!

Pack Emergency Snacks Be prepared: Not just for your flight, but for your entire trip. You won’t have the luxury of your home’s fully stocked kitchen, so pack your carry-on bag with shelf-stable snacks to tide you over during your travels. My go-tos are snack bars with both protein and fiber, 100-calorie packs of almonds, single-serve jerky packs, and whole fruit. For more emergency snacks, click here...

Hydrate I always grab a bottle of water at the airport to drink on my flight. You can also bring an (empty) refillable/reusable water bottle with you! Then I’ll order sparkling water when the drink cart comes around. And here’s a GREAT tip: Before you arrive at your hotel, stop by a convenience store and grab a six pack of bottled water (if you don't have a refillable bottle). You’ll be glad you did... Hotel water is pricey!

Add Exercise Walk whenever you can to keep your metabolism up after long flights and drives. Resist the moving sidewalks at the airport, take the stairs at your hotel, and explore your new city on foot. Take advantage of hotel gyms or do some “hotelwalking” rather than “housewalking!” It’s a great way to counteract any extra calorie intake on your trip.

Hungry for More Travel Tips & Tricks?

The very first episode of my podcast, Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing!, is all about travel. These tips are just the beginning. In “The Travel Episode,” I cover...

* Airline & airport food shockers
* Mini bar tips & tricks
* Room service strategies
* The specific snacks you’ll always find in my carry-on


Chew on this:

Today, June 20th, is National Ice Cream Soda Day. For a 60-calorie take on the classic root beer float, add a scoop of vanilla ENLIGHTENED to your favorite no-calorie root beer! (Blue Sky makes a tasty natural option.)

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