Healthy Amazon Food Finds & Deals: Energy Balls, Fruit Crisps, Electrolyte Drinks, Sugar-Free Honey

Jan 11 2023

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Fan Favorites in a Brand-New Flavor!

Frooze Balls

Get excited: This delicious, double-stuffed, energy-packed snack now comes in a Caramel Choc Peanut Butter flavor! This impossibly delicious new variety is made with the kind of wholesome ingredients you expect: dates, peanuts, cocoa, coconut, and cashews. It's the plant-powered indulgence you need in your life! And only around 55 calories per satisfying ball. The other flavors you know & love are here as well: Raspberry Dark Choc, Lemon Cheesecake… Click to see them all! Crammed full of your favorite spreads and fruity jams, Frooze Balls are tasty enough to replace junk food and nutritious enough to satisfy you. Vegan, gluten-free, non GMO, and kosher, with no cane sugar added! Not sure which to try first? Order a Variety Pack or Mega Variety Pack!
Code: 20HUNGRYNOW. All products eligible. Expires 1/18/23.

Prefer to shop in person? Click here to find Frooze Balls at a location near you!

Crispy Fruit Snacks in Triple-Size Packs!

Brothers All Natural Fuji Apple Freeze-Dried Fruit Crisps

Freeze-dried apple crisps are a perfect on-the-go snack. The gentle dehydration process locks in nutrients and results in a light and deliciously flavored crisp. Unlike shriveled dried fruit, the portion size is large. And these resealable 1-oz. bags are 3X the size of the brand’s snack packs, so you can get several servings out of each one… or enjoy the whole bag for just 110 calories! The tasty crisps have no added preservatives, colorings, or flavor enhancers—just 100% fruit, with a 2-year shelf life. Each bag is equivalent to 2 2/3 cups of fresh fruit… only WAY easier to carry around. P.S. There are also Strawberry and Mango varieties, but they’re going fast!
Code: BROTHERS25. Expires 1/18/23.

Lemonade with Electrolytes and No Sugar: How Refreshing!

Ultima Replenisher Lemonade & Pink Lemonade Broad Spectrum Electrolyte Mix

HG fans LOVE Ultima Replenisher, and so do we! Their sugar-free drink mixes are made with plant-based colors and flavors, naturally sweetened with organic stevia, and contain all six essential electrolytes (plus trace minerals) to provide clean and complete hydration with no carbs or calories. Yes, please! (Water is great, but we can only drink so much plain H2O.) The Lemonade is an all-around favorite: perfectly sweet, tart, and 100% refreshing. Plus, each serving has vitamin C and zinc for an added boost of immune support, which is always a win. Pour the mix directly into a bottle or glass of water for a refresher: at your desk, at the gym, on the go… anytime, anywhere. Also try the Pink Lemonade flavor: all the deliciousness of the classic Lemonade, with a juicy raspberry infusion.
Code: 20HUNGRY20. Only products sold by Ultima Replenisher are eligible. Expires 1/18/23.

Sweeten Up Your Life… Sugar Free!

ChocZero Sugar Free Honey Substitute

Scaling back on sugar? Looking for a vegan alternative to honey? Get yourself some of ChocZero's honey substitute ASAP! It sold like crazy the last time we featured it, and you don’t want to miss out. Inspired by the taste of real clover honey and sweetened with ChocZero's signature monk fruit blend, this product is sugar free (and bee free). Each satisfying 1-tbsp. serving has just 45 calories and 1g net carbs! The taste is mild and delicious, like a cross between honey and agave nectar. Bonus: No sugar alcohols whatsoever! Use it as a 1:1 honey swap for all your baking, sweetening, and drizzling needs. And check out these other no-sugar-added products: the beloved chocolate hazelnut spreads AND the brand-new Grape Jam and Raspberry Jam! Just like the Strawberry, these jams have a mere 15 calories and less than 1g sugar per tablespoon.
Code: 15HUNGRYCZ. ChocZero honey, spreads, & jams eligible. Expires 1/18/23.

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