Healthy Funyuns Swap, Pizza-Flavored Snack Mix, Gluten-Free Birthday Cake Bites

Jun 17 2024

Spotted on Shelves...

LesserEvil Moonions

28g (about 16 rings): 130 calories, 6g total fat (0.5g sat. fat), 170–180mg sodium, 18–19g carbs, <1g fiber, 1–3g total sugars (<1–2g added sugars), 1–2g protein
WW Points® value 4–5*
Funyuns fans, here’s a better-for-you swap! LesserEvil is all about healthy snack options, and these crunchy air-popped Moonions are made from organic whole grain yellow corn, clean avocado oil, and the zesty flavors of real onion and garlic. In two flavors—Intergalactic Onion and Hyperspace Hot Onion—they can be found now at Sprouts Farmers Market locations nationwide, with more store availability coming soon.

Favorite Day Pizza Party Snack Mix

1-oz. package: 130 calories, 4.5g total fat (0.5g sat. fat), 400mg sodium, 20g carbs, 1g fiber, <1g total sugars (<1g added sugars), 2g protein
WW Points® value 4*
Have pizza-party vibes anytime, anywhere! These single-serving snack packs combine pizza-flavored breadsticks, cheese-flavored corn sticks, and seasoned corn nuggets & crackers. Keep a few bags on you at all times, or be prepared to share from your own. This is a Target exclusive from the extremely fun Favorite Day line—stock up on your next Target run!

Heavenly Hunks Birthday Cake Minis

1 pack (34g): 150 calories, 7g total fat (4.5g sat. fat), 45mg sodium, 21g carbs, 1g fiber, 6g total sugars (6g added sugars), 2g protein
WW Points® value 7*
Want a hunka-hunka gluten-free birthday cake? Here you go! These minis are the smaller version of the larger Heavenly Hunks snacks, and they come in grab-n-go bags. The texture is soft, chewy, and somewhat cookie-ish, like a bar that’s been broken into pieces. In addition to being free from gluten, they’re also vegan, non-GMO, and certified free from glyphosate residue (a common weedkiller). Find the Birthday Cake Minis at Target, and find the full-sized Hunks at Target, Sprouts, Ralphs, and more.

Amazon Find of the Day!

OTOTO Jumbo Nessie Soup Ladle

We're suckers for functional kitchen gear that also happens to be super cute, so naturally, Nessie ladles have a place in our hearts and our soup pots. Heat resistant and BPA free, this jumbo model is 13% bigger than the classic Nessie. We LOVE that it can stand upright, and it's a great utensil to bring to summer cookouts—prepare to answer a million questions about where you got it (and make sure no one else sneaks away with your ladle)…

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It’s National Eat Your Vegetables Day, June 17th. This Summer Chopped Salad has seven kinds of veggies, two kinds of beans, and 40 grams of protein… Chop it up, and dig in!

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