Healthy Swaps for Discontinued WW Snacks: Portion-Controlled Chips, Mini Bars & More

Nov 16 2023
Did you hear? WW (aka Weight Watchers) is discontinuing ALL of their packaged snacks & products in late December. A lot of people LOVE this stuff, but there are lots of great products on shelves that are verrry similar! Here are some of our top swap suggestions…

HG Heads-Up: Don’t panic just because the calorie counts of the below products aren’t as low as the WW versions you’re replacing! Among other factors, the portion sizes may be slightly larger while still being completely reasonable. 

Stock-Up Alert!

WW Foods on Amazon

Not ready to part with your longtime favorites? Fill your pantry with the products, while they last… Many are available on Amazon, but they won’t be for long!

Best Swaps for WW Mini Bars & Bites

We’ve heard a lot of love for WW’s mini bars, so we figured we’d name-drop a few of our favorites. P.S. If you purchased Sweet Nothings Nut Butter Bites from WW, good news—those are still available!

Best Swaps for WW Microwave Cups: Oatmeal & More

Kodiak Cakes has a MASSIVE lineup of microwave-friendly, just-add-water cups, made with nutritious and filling ingredients. If you’ll miss WW’s instant oatmeal, there are plenty of options out there depending on your needs… but when it comes to chocolate mug cake, we’re Team DIY! Only two ingredients needed…

Best Swaps for WW Chips & Other Crunchy Snacks

The Veggie Snaps, the Hummus Crisps, the sweet Iced Puffs, all the WW chips… We found great replacements for you. They don’t all come in pre-portioned baggies, but we love them enough to fill our own reusable baggies.

Reminder… You Can Still Stock Up!

The WW Store on Amazon is still carrying a lot of your favorites, including…

Chew on this:

What’s that? It’s November 16th, National Fast Food Day? Scope out these recipe swaps, and get cookin’!

Got a friend who needs more good snacks? Send them this list of swaps today!


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