Vegan Eggs Benedict Breakfast Bowl, Japanese Barbecue Sauce, Cinnamon English Muffins with Protein

Oct 4 2021

Spotted on Shelves...

Gardein Saus’age Benny Breakfast Bowl

1 bowl: 270 calories, 14g total fat (1.5g sat. fat), 780mg sodium, 23g carbs, 5g fiber, 2g sugars, 12g protein — SmartPoints® value 8*

We're going to forgive the flagrant apostrophe usage because Gardein's products are across-the-board amazing, and this new breakfast bowl is no exception. This frozen vegan bowl gives us brunch energy but with weekday-breakfast speed: “potatoes, Gardein meatless saus’age, eggless scrambled e’gg, mushrooms & asparagus in a hollandaise-style sauce.” Click to locate in a freezer case near you, and you can forgive the apostrophes yourself.

Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce

1 tbsp.: 30–40 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat. fat), 520–590mg sodium, 7–9g carbs, 0g fiber, 6–8g sugars, 0g protein — SmartPoints® value 2*

We heard this sauce was all the rage, so we had to give it a try! It tastes like the love child of teriyaki sauce and hoisin sauce! It’s great over steamed veggies, grilled chicken, or any simple stir-fry. In The Original, Gluten-Free, Hot and Spicy… It also comes in cute little single-serving pouches! Buy it online, or click to find it at a local store.

Thomas’s English Muffins Cinnamon + Protein

1 muffin: 140 calories, 1g total fat (0g sat. fat), 180mg sodium, 23g carbs, 1g fiber, 2g sugars, 9g protein — SmartPoints® value 4*

Pumpkin gets most of the flavor credit this time of year, but let’s not forget about that sweet zing of cinnamon! Spice up your fall and upgrade to English muffins that have added flavor AND protein. They're perfect vehicles for all the seasonal apple & pumpkin spreads available right now! Look for these at a supermarket near you, and get toasty…

Amazing Walmart Find: 35 Calories Each!

Ortega® Yellow Corn Mini Taco Slider Shells

Move over hamburger sliders. There’s a new fun-size food in town! There are so many reasons to love these mini taco shells from Ortega…

Simple portion control. Each shell is a perfect, three-bite size… So much easier to eat than traditional hard shells. Plus, you get to eat FOUR of them for only 140 calories.

Endless recipe possibilities. Fill with your favorite taco combos for a personalized tiny fiesta! Or start with ANY corn taco recipe, like these Breakfast Tinga Tacos… Just use four mini shells instead of two. Check out all these recipes!

Kid-friendly & a party staple. They’re perfectly sized for little hands and party apps! Serve them up at the kids’ table or as part of your next Sunday football spread.

And find them at a Walmart near you.

Chew on this:

Happy National Taco Day, October 4th! Grab some of those cute Ortega mini taco shells and have yourself a taco party for dinner.

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