Amazon Food Finds: Single-Serving Cookie Pouches, Soft & Chewy Licorice, Sugar-Free Drink Mixes & All-Natural Pet Treats

May 7 2021
Did you see yesterday's new episode of Hungry Girl’s Snacks & Hacks One-Stop Shopping Show on Amazon Live? So fun! Even if you missed it, you can a) watch it right now or any time, and b) keep reading for more info on the featured finds and exclusive deals. (Whew, what a relief!)

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Mini Cookies, Major Flavor!

Homefree Treats You Can Trust

Everyone can get excited about delicious cookies that are wholesome and made with quality ingredients… especially since these whole-grain goodies are gluten-free and allergy friendly! They come in six tasty flavors: Double Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Lemon Burst, Chocolate Mint, Organic Ginger Snap, and Vanilla. We especially love the portion-controlled bags with just 130–150 calories each. Try them all with a variety pack! Fun fact: Homefree is a woman-owned company, just like Hungry Girl…


Soft & Chewy Treats with Less Sugar!

Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Gourmet Licorice

At Wiley Wallaby, better-for-you candy is the goal! Their DELICIOUS licorices are fat-free with less sugar than the average licorice. But what we love most is the super-soft and chewy texture! With so many yummy flavors, there’s something for everyone: Classic Red (sweet strawberry... Lisa’s personal favorite), Classic Black (for authentic-licorice lovers), Watermelon (hello, summer!), Green Apple (fresh-from-the-orchard flavor), and more. And introducing Sourrageous Drops: tart chewy licorice inside a crunchy sour candy shell!


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Zero-Sugar Drink Mixes to Flavor Up Your Life!

Wyler’s Light Low Calorie Drink Mixes

Increasing your daily water intake is easier than ever thanks to Wyler’s Light and their assortment of delicious drink mixes: lemonades, iced teas, tropical flavors, and more! With just 5–10 calories, the convenient stick packs are perfect on the go or at home. And all varieties have that perfect sweet taste that can’t be beat. No wonder Lisa’s pantry is PACKED with Wyler’s Light. She uses it to make her famous slushies! The latest flavor — Watermelon Lemonade — is the perfect warm-weather refresher. (If it’s out of stock on Amazon, check back later or look for it in stores!) Stock up on the single-serve packets on Amazon (they’re super affordable), and thank us later…


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Feed Fido Like You Feed Yourself!

Portland Pet Food Company Dog Treats & Meals

Our furry friends deserve the best, and this human-grade pet food is made from ingredients you'd find in your own kitchen! The all-natural Biscuits are handmade and twice-baked for extra crunch — useful when you need to snap one in half. Lolly & Bam Bam especially love the Pumpkin ones! And the Homestyle Dog Meals add flavor and nutrition to your pet's normal food routine: Use them as mixers or toppers! Bonus: The easy-tear pouches are perfect for day trips and other travel. Give ‘em a try, and expect lots of kisses in return…


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