Chocolate Ingredients for Lower-Calorie Recipes

Feb 28 2020
Let’s get creative in the kitchen with some chocolate essentials! Here are four pantry staples and delicious ways to use them…

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Keep a tub of unsweetened cocoa powder around, and you'll never be too far from a chocolate fix. With only around 15 calories per tablespoon, it's a must for DIY hot cocoa and more. Mix some into your oatmeal, blend it into a smoothie, bake with it… The possibilities are endless, and endlessly delicious! Choose dark cocoa powder for even richer flavor.

Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

We prefer mini chips ‘cuz small pieces are easier to measure in small amounts, and a little goes a very long way! A whole tablespoon has just 70 calories… delicious and satisfying. Add a teaspoon or two to yogurt, or melt some with a little almond milk and drizzle over fruit.

Chocolate Breakfast Cereal

If you want to snack on something chocolatey, this is a great way to get a fix! Look for options under 150 calories per serving, with some dietary fiber and not too much sugar. Each of these picks has 1 - 3g fiber and under 10g sugars per serving! HG tip: They’re super yummy in yogurt parfaits like this one.

Devil’s Food/Chocolate Cake Mix

Put down the eggs and oil… There are other ways to use this versatile mix! And these days, there are options for everyone. Pillsbury’s Purely Simple mix is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. And Swerve makes a naturally sweetened, gluten-free mix with just 1 gram of sugar per serving! 

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