6 Adorable Foodie Accessories You Need

Jun 16 2017
We love food. (You know this.) We also love pretty much anything that looks like food. Here are a few amazing items we're currently obsessed with...

Wow! Works Hamburger Junior Beanbag Chair

Want to make your home look a bit more like Hungryland? Enter this find! Yup, we've got jr. bean-bag burgers scattered around the office, and they're soooo cute! They're more like bean-bag ottomans than giant chairs, and they make excellent foot rests. What can we say? We love 'em.

BigMouth Inc. Giant Pineapple Pool Float

We're super fans of BigMouth's line of food-inspired pool floats, and this inflatable pineapple is our latest love. It's so cute and sunshiny! If floating on a jumbo ring of pineapple doesn't make you feel at least 46 percent happier, we don't know what to tell you...

Comfify Ceramic Donut Mug, Delicious Pink Glaze Doughnut with Sprinkles

Donuts are pretty; merely looking at them makes one smile. So why not start your day by sipping your coffee out of a mug that looks like a donut? Even better: Pair that cup of coffee with one of our baked Frosted & Sprinkled Chocolate Donuts! You're gonna want a donut pan to bake these donuts, so might as well add that to your Amazon order...

Fred scOOPS! Ice Cream Doorstop

The thought of dropping an ice cream cone on the floor is pretty devastating... but somehow, this quirky doorstop doesn't bum us out at all. (We personally enjoy the pun in the product name. Get it? Oops!) This dropped cone isn't a mess; it's a convenience!

BigMouth Inc. Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket

Yup, it's another item by BigMouth. The brand makes adorable foodie beach towels too! We're partial to this pizza version -- who hasn't wanted to lay on a giant pizza? But the cookie sandwich beach blanket is also pretty epic. Pick your favorite, and get ready for jealous stares at the beach...

KidsFunwares Tricerataco Taco Holder

Do we care that this product is intended for children? No, we do not. Because it's a) hilarious and b) ideal for HG tacos like this easy shrimp recipe. Get one for every member of your family, and taco night will get a lot more fun!

Chew on this:

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