Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Jun 7 2023

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⭑ whether or not you should take multivitamins
⭑  if your metabolism really slows down as you age
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It’s so easy to squeeze physical activity into your daily routine with these simple ideas. Each little bit counts… You know how much better you feel when you get moving! Here are 25 easy ways to burn 100 calories. (Estimates based on a 155-lb. person.)

1. Walk It Off

It only takes about 25 minutes of moderate housewalking to burn 100 calories. (Click here to learn more about housewalking!) If you have a fitness tracker, track your steps, and see how many you can rack up in those 25 minutes.

2. Get Your Stretch On

Do a little light yoga while you’re watching TV or waiting for dinner to be ready. With 35 minutes of simple yoga, you burn 100 calories. Freestyle it, or treat yourself to this beginners DVD set.

3. Dance Party for One

Crank up your favorite tunes and bust a move while you vacuum, fold laundry, or declutter. In 20 minutes, you’ll burn 100 calories and have a cleaner house. That’s a win-win!

4. Step Up

Have a staircase at work? Hit the stairs on your lunch break or just before starting your day! It only takes 10 minutes of stair climbing to burn 100 calories.

5. Walk and Talk

Recruit a coworker to join you for a 25-minute midday walk. You’ll burn 100 calories without breaking a sweat, and the rest of the day will fly by thanks to the rush of endorphins.

6. Play Catch

Head outside and throw around a Frisbee. No need to get competitive! Just toss it back and forth to burn 100 calories in 30 minutes.

7. Roll a Strike

Grab a friend and head to the bowling alley. Half an hour knocking pins down burns 100 calories! Bonus points if you do a victory lap.

8. Hit the Trail

Explore the great outdoors with some light hiking. You can burn 100 calories in just 15 minutes. HG tip: Pick up these high-waisted fitness capris for added comfort… They have POCKETS!

9. Get Dirty

Have a garden? Start digging, weeding, and planting. You’ll enjoy time outside and burn calories at the same time—up to 100 in 20 minutes!

10. Dive In

You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to make waves in the pool. Burn 100 calories in less than 15 minutes with light to moderate swimming.

11. Play Ball

Organize a friendly game of horse: All you need is a basketball hoop and ball. You’ll burn 100 calories in just 20 minutes.

12. Get Organized

Find a closet and start cleaning. From sorting and stacking to dusting and folding, you’ll burn 100 calories in 35 minutes.

13. Bump, Set, Spike!

Burn off some energy (and 100 calories in 30 minutes!) with a casual game of beach volleyball. No worries if you don’t have a net. Just draw a line in the sand (literally, not figuratively!).

14. Bike It Out

Explore your neighborhood by bicycle. Recreational biking burns 100 calories per 20-minute session. Don’t forget your helmet!

15. Practice Your Swing

Hit up the driving range or a mini golf course. You can improve your putting game and burn 100 calories in just 30 minutes. Score!

16. Head to the Water

Enjoy a change of scenery, and go canoeing or paddle boarding. You’ll burn 100 calories per half-hour. Don’t live near a large body of water? Many parks with small lakes offer rentals.

17. Make Dinner

Spend 45 minutes chopping, dicing, and baking to burn 100 calories. Home-cooked meals never tasted so good!

18. Decorate

Channel your inner Joanna Gaines and rearrange the furniture. Your living room gets a makeover, and you’ll burn 100 calories in 15 minutes.

19. Rake It 'Til You Make It

Do some yard work. Raking burns 100 calories in 25 minutes. And when winter comes back around, shoveling snow burns 100 calories in just 15 minutes!

20. Stand Up

Have a desk job? You can burn an extra 100 calories by standing at your desk for 20 minutes every hour during an 8-hour day. (If you're interested in updating your home office, consider an adjustable standing desk!)

21. Tag, You’re It!

Hate the treadmill? Chase your kids for 25 minutes instead. You’ll burn 100 calories, and your kids will run off some energy!

22. Head to the Mall

Here’s an excuse to go shopping: Walking around a store and trying on clothes for 30 minutes burns 100 calories.

23. Say Yes to Holding the Baby

If you have a baby (or a close friend with one), consider snuggles your new exercise routine. It only takes 25 minutes of bouncing while carrying an infant to burn 100 calories. That adds up!

24. Push It

Get outside with your favorite baby! Pushing a stroller for 35 minutes burns an extra 100 calories. The fresh air is a bonus.

25. Save More

Next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a basket instead of a cart. You’ll burn 100 calories in 30 minutes, and you probably won’t pick up as many items you don’t need.

What are YOUR favorite go-to calorie burners? Tell us in the Hungry Girl Community: What's Chewin'? group on Facebook!

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