Amazon Kitchen Finds Fans Love: Gadgets, Food Storage & More

Dec 18 2020
We can’t get enough Amazon kitchen tools that make our lives easier, so we once again turned to YOU, the Hungry Girl readers, to see which picks you can’t live without… and boy, were we WOWED! Check ‘em out, and get ready to hit “Add to Cart.”

Chef’n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper

Fresh garlic is a great way to add flavor, but every time we attempt to chop it, we think there's GOT to be a better way. Spoiler alert: There is! Naomi M. says, "This tool is the easiest way to mince garlic, especially if your hands aren’t strong enough to squeeze a garlic press. Simply open the top, drop in garlic cloves, and roll back and forth on the counter!" Fab! Bonus: It’s dishwasher safe for simple cleanup.

GRIPSTIC 12-Pack Assortment

HG fan Beverly O. swears by slide-on bag sealer sticks like these. They create an air-tight seal on any bag that can be pressed flat, keeping bagged foods fresh without having to transfer them to sealable bags or containers. Plus, Bev (can we call you Bev?) has a great tip for storing the sticks: "I simply put a rubber band around all of them, and then slip out the size I need." A total organizational win right here...

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Anyone who likes space-saving tools will become a fan of this find. Lynn C. tipped us off to magnetic measuring spoons, and our minds are blown! Not only do the spoons in this set stack and stick to each other (no more rattling around in the drawer and getting lost), each one has an extra narrow end made to fit in a spice jar. And for the super precise cooks? It comes with a leveler! There’s even a bonus mini spoon set included. Time for a measuring-spoon upgrade...

Danish Dough Whisk

Have you heard of a Danish whisk? The smart design is ideal for mixing even the thickest batters. Debi B. loves it because it makes mixing up our 3-ingredient dough extra quick & easy. Consider us sold! This one has a comfortable professional grip and comes with a dough scraper/cutter.

Kuhn Rikon Krinkle Knife

"I am obsessed with crinkle-cut fries," says HG fan Lisa K., and all we've got to say is SAME! (Butternut squash fries, anyone?) And this crinkle-cutter happens to be extra cute -- we love the vibrant red. It also makes chopping herbs extra simple with the ergonomic handle that smoothly rocks back and forth. Again, we're totally impressed!

LOOCH Copper Grill Mat

Daphne D. wrote to us with a new air-fryer hack: "I cut these nonstick mats and use them to line my air-fryer. Grease just slides off." We're all about tricks to make cleanup easier! We also like that these mats make it easier to cook on a grill, since food won’t fall through the grates. Use it on your baking sheets for no-effort cleanup. Just wipe down the mats and reuse!

OXO Good Grips Chopped Salad Scissors

Last but not least, we have these salad scissors. HG fan Linda W. basically sent us a dissertation on all the reasons these scissors rule. Reason 1: "It’s easier and faster to chop my greens in my salad bowl than trying to cut them on a cutting board." Reason 2: "There’s a cool little tab that holds the blades shut while in my knife drawer." Reason #3: "How much easier is it to eat a chopped salad than cutting up lettuce and other salad stuff with a knife and fork?" She also gave a set to a friend with a shoulder injury who raved about how useful they were. Take it from Linda: You need these salad scissors!
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