5 Foods We're Obsessed With + Healthy Recipe Swaps!

Sep 29 2017
There's NO reason to live without the foods we're all obsessed with... That's why Clean & Hungry OBSESSED! exists. Check out some of our top food obsessions, smart recipe swaps you can make right now, and some of the incredible all-natural recipes in the new book!


Why We're Obsessed:

Gooey cheese, tangy sauce, a delicious crust... Pizza is basically perfect. Unfortunately, it's often super fattening and TOO EASY to have delivered right to your door. For these recipes, it's all about creative crusts and smarter toppings!

Sneak Peek into OBSESSED! Chapter 4: You Wanna Pizza Me?

• Cutie-Pie Greek Eggplant Pizzas (just 103 calories each)
• Messy Mexican Skillet Pizza (single-serving perfection)
• No-Joke Spinach & Artichoke Pizza (the lovechild of spinach artichoke dip and pizza)
• Crispy Crunchy BBQ Chicken Pizza (the name says it all!)

Classic Hungry Girl Recipes...

Burgers & Fries

Why We're Obsessed:

Technically two foods, but they make one dynamic duo. And it doesn't get more quintessentially American than hamburgers 'n French fries. They're a couple so complimentary, we hope they NEVER split up. But between all the bread, the often-fatty patty, the endless toppings, and the oily fries, it's easy to think that they can't fit into a healthy lifestyle. Good thing we know how to fix 'em!

Sneak Peek into OBSESSED! Chapter 6: Welcome to Goodburger

• Hawaiian Hula Turkey Burgers (pineapple-infused deliciousness)
• Caramelized Onion Chickpea Burgers (veggie patty perfection)
• Cinnamon Spice Skinny Carrot Fries (a slim 131 calories)
• Turnip the Yum Poutine (gravy-drenched deliciousness!)

Classic Hungry Girl Recipes...


Why We're Obsessed:

Do we really need to explain to you why we're obsessed with chocolate? It's CHOCOLATE. And it goes beyond the creamy sweetness of an actual chocolate bar... Anything infused with chocolate flavor makes us happy: cake, brownies, cookies... YUM. Of course, those things often come with heavy ingredients and high calorie counts, but we know how to solve those pesky problems...

Sneak Peek into OBSESSED! Chapter 13: Choc' It to Me!

• Bam Bam BrownieZ (97 calories with a secret ingredient)
• Three Cheers for Cheesecake Brownies (two cravings in one)
• Double Chocolate Cakies (a 48-calorie cookie-cake hybrid)
• Mmmm, Chocolate Mousse (89 calories!)

Classic Hungry Girl Recipes...


Why We're Obsessed:

Remember all that stuff we said about pizza? Most of it applies to Italian-style pasta dishes too! Pasta is so yummy and comforting... but so high in carby calories! Leave the bummers behind and make our better-for-you recipes...

Sneak Peek into OBSESSED! Chapter 5: Noodle This!

• Mad about Eggplant Manicotti (crammed with cheese)
• Love at First Bite Lasagna (our best lasagna yet)
• Z'paghetti Bolognese (the 30-minute meal of your dreams)
• Surprise Spaghetti with White Clam Sauce (get the book to find out the delicious surprise!)

Classic Hungry Girl Recipes...

Peanut Butter

Why We're Obsessed:

Last but absolutely not least, we have peanut butter. Creamy, rich, sweet & salty peanut butter. PB has its nutritional benefits, but it's also fat and calorie dense. Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeve, so you can enjoy peanut butter goodness without taking in a day's worth of calories...

Sneak Peek into OBSESSED! I'm Obsessed with... Peanut Butter!

• Peanut Butter Cup French Toast (like Reese's for breakfast)
• I Dream of Peanut Butter Pie (our best PB pie EVER)
• Lunchbox PB&J Blondies (only 117 calories)
• Nutty for Peanut Butter Fudge Bites (55-calorie perfection!)

Classic Hungry Girl Recipes:

Chew on this:

On this day back in 2005, we debuted our beloved Yum Yum Brownie Muffins. If that's not a good enough reason to make a batch, consider this: Each one has just 181 calories!

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