How to Get Back on Track with Healthy Habits

Jan 22 2021
If you've ever stressed over letting a single indulgence -- a decadent brunch, a late-night nacho fest, a one-person pizza party -- turn into a weeklong affair, here are some tips to get your head back in the game without the self-assigned guilt trip…

1. Adjust that attitude.
Turn it around right this minute. So you treated yourself -- did you have fun? Then good for you. Take a moment, appreciate that good time you had, and don't beat yourself up like you did something bad. It’s not like you can undo it! The key is to look to the future, not the past.

2. Focus on feeling better.
Check in and ask yourself what you need. Feeling bloated or weighed down? Go for a walk, sip some water, and stay away from heavier foods for the rest of the day. Take action to get past any lingering physical aftermath, and don't wallow in it.

3. Shut it down & move on.
Too often, we say, "Ugh, I blew it, I'll start my healthy habits over NEXT week." Why? What are you doing right now that's keeping you from getting back on that healthy horse? Don’t wait for a new week or even a new day. Put an end to it, and start fresh ASAP.

4. Remember the 80/20 philosophy.
If you don’t expect perfection from yourself, it’s easier to get right back on track. Be realistic -- you're not perfect; you’re human. If you eat smart about 80% of the time, that leaves room to cut yourself some slack the other 20% of the time. So when a celebration comes up or you just need a treat, it's no biggie... It's just part of your 20%!

5. Learn what works best for you.
If you're still thinking, "I wish I hadn't indulged," no sweat. This is useful info moving forward -- the next time you're faced with temptation, think about how you'll feel afterward. Are you going to regret it later... or would you regret missing out? If you consider it and realize it's not worth it, you’re one step closer to making a different choice!

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