8 Healthy Target Finds: Snacks, Meal Starters & More

Dec 8 2017
Target's grocery section is getting better and better all the time, especially when it comes to their budget-friendly private-label products! We tested out a bunch of these foods and beverages, and here are eight of our favorites. (Costs listed reflect our purchase prices and are subject to change.)

Simply Balanced Fruit on the Bottom Greek Yogurt in Blueberry, Peach, and Strawberry Banana

One 5.3-oz. container: 120 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat fat), 55 - 70mg sodium, 17 - 18g carbs, <1 - 1g fiber, 13 - 14g sugars, 12 - 13g protein -- SmartPoints® value 4*

Price: $2.99 for a 4-pack

Stop the presses! This yogurt blew our minds. In fact, this Target exclusive is some of the best Greek yogurt we've ever had. (We're as shocked as you are!) It's insanely creamy and SO delicious… The Peach is our top pick! Plus, that price can't be beat.

Archer Farms Grilled Natural Chicken Fajita Strips (Fully Cooked)

3 oz.: 130 calories, 3g total fat (0.5g sat fat), 680mg sodium, 4g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 21g protein -- SmartPoints® value 2*

Price: $7.49 for 12-oz. package

Precooked protein is a lifesaver on days when you need to throw together a quick meal. And when that protein is perfectly seasoned and can make your last-minute lunch taste like a gourmet entrée, you won't catch us complaining. This Mexican-style poultry is perfectly seasoned and SO tender. Delicious rolled up in a high-fiber tortilla or tossed over a salad. We even snack on it straight!

Market Pantry Turkey Jerky in Teriyaki

1 oz.: 80 calories, 1g total fat (0g sat fat), 570mg sodium, 7g carbs, 0g fiber, 7g sugars, 11g protein -- SmartPoints® value 2*

Price: $3.59 per 3-oz. package

We can't get enough protein-packed emergency snacks, and jerky is definitely a go-to for us. So when we find tasty turkey jerky for about half the price of other brands, we get VERY excited. The texture is Goldilocks perfect (not too hard or too soft!), and the taste is mild but smoky. Stock up on this yummy meat snack the next time you hit Target.

Simply Balanced Fruit Strips in Wild Berry

1 strip: 45 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat fat), 5mg sodium, 11g carbs, 1g fiber, 9g sugars, 0g protein -- SmartPoints® value 2*

Price: $2.99 for 10-strip box

Love fruity treats? Meet the grown-up Fruit Roll-Ups alternative of your dreams. We flipped over the Wild Berry flavor, but check out all of 'em. Because when your inner child gets cranky, sometimes fruit snacks are the only solution.

Simply Balanced Unsweetened Sparkling Water

One 12 fl. oz. can: 0 calories, 0g total fat (0g sat fat), 0mg sodium, 0g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 0g protein -- SmartPoints® value 0*

Price: $2.99 for an 8-can package

Sure, LaCroix is all the rage right now, but there are more flavored sparkling waters out there! And this one is a serious bargain. We love both the Watermelon and Black Cherry flavors. Keep the yummy unsweetened bubbly coming, beverage companies... We're ready to drink them all!

Simply Balanced All Natural Chicken and Turkey Burgers

1 patty: 160 calories, 7g total fat (1g sat fat), 85mg sodium, 1g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 24g protein -- SmartPoints® value 3*

Price: $5.99 for an 8-patty package

Many ready-to-cook burger patties are heavily seasoned, which can be a bit of a turnoff at times. Not these simple patties! They’re tasty, low in sodium, and super versatile. We'll be enjoying both the Chicken and Turkey versions on lettuce buns, chopped up in salads, and on 100-calorie flat sandwich buns.

Archer Farms Southwest-Style Chicken Egg Rolls

2 pieces (without sauce): 180 calories, 6g total fat (2.5g sat fat), 450mg sodium, 23g carbs, 2g fiber, 2g sugars, 9g protein -- SmartPoints® value 6*

Price: $4.49 for 6 egg rolls w/ sauce

If you love the Southwestern Eggrolls at Chili's, you're gonna fall hard for these snacks. They taste just like 'em, but with much better nutritional stats. They're super flavorful (a little spicy), and they get really crispy in the oven. The package includes a packet of zesty ranch dipping sauce, with 40 calories per serving. But honestly, these tasty egg rolls don't even need it!

Simply Balanced Organic Quinoa, Spinach, Garbanzo Beans, Red Peppers & Onions

1 cup: 150 calories, 4.5g total fat (0.5g sat fat), 370mg sodium, 21g carbs, 4g fiber, 2g sugars, 5g protein -- SmartPoints® value 4*

Price: $1.49 for a 2-serving package

Quickie meal alert! This frozen quinoa blend is fully seasoned and contains yummy beans and veggies. Bonus: It steams right in the bag! Have the entire package for a full vegetarian meal, or add some of that fajita chicken to a single serving for a protein boost.

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