21 Healthy Pantry Staples We Can’t Live Without

May 24 2019

Summer Survival Tips (Hacks for BBQs & More) on the Hungry Girl Podcast!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, a.k.a. the unofficial start to cookout season! On the latest episode of Chew the Right Thing!, Lisa and her hungry pals share how to BBQ the right thing at your next summer soiree. Listen in for…

⭑ the simple secret to the best corn on the cob EVER
⭑ tricks to avoid endless eating
⭑ how to build the best plate at a BBQ
⭑ calorie-saving hacks for cookout staples
… and so much more!

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A well-stocked pantry is a must, and we’ve definitely got some favorites! Keep reading for the smart shelf-stable food finds we can’t do without…

Meaty Eats

No protein in the fridge? Don’t get caught empty handed! From meal starters to mix-ins to on-the-go meat snacks, we’ve got you covered…

The Right Kind of Carbs

A big tub of old-fashioned oats is a given, but we also enjoy protein-packed pancake mixes for a fast flapjack breakfast with a little something extra. Other staples: light English muffins, high-fiber tortillas, and our new favorite rice find…

Canned (& Boxed) Goods

When it comes to basics, canned tomatoes, salsa, and canned beans are no-brainers. In addition to those, we’re all about pumpkin, a shelf-stable noodle swap, and, of course, low-calorie soup. (It's the heat 'n eat mini meal that always has your back!)

Crunchy Snacks

What's in YOUR snack stash? We always have nuts on hand, plus crunchy bean snacks, freeze-dried fruit, and roasted seaweed packs!

Bunches of Bars

Emergency food at its best! Cereal bars and protein bars are classic -- we stick with ones under 250 calories. For times when we just need a little something to take the edge off our hunger, mini bars save the day. And for a sweet-tooth fix, crispy marshmallow bars do the trick.

For an even bigger list of our grocery must-haves, check out our latest official supermarket list!

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