6 Ways to Burn 100 More Calories a Day

Feb 3 2017
We're big supporters of the "every little bit counts" motto, especially when it comes to calorie burning... Here are six super-simple ways to burn up 100 calories!

At Home


This is exactly what it sounds like: Walking around your house, apartment, dorm room... wherever and whenever! Wear a step tracker like the Fitbit to keep track of your steps and motivate yourself. It only takes about 25 minutes of moderate Housewalking to burn 100 calories. Get more Housewalking info!

Stretching/Light Yoga

You don't need to be a yogi to get your stretch on. Do this while watching TV or waiting for dinner to bake... It feels great! In 35 minutes you'll burn those 100 calories. FYI, there are plenty of free yoga videos all over the web, including basic starter sessions. And if you want to invest in a monthly subscription, HG Lisa's personal trainer Mandee recommends YogaGlo!

Dancing While Cleaning

Here's a way to make housework fun! Turn on some music (Bruno Mars, anyone?), and dance around while you fold laundry, wipe down the counters, etc. You'll burn 100 calories in just 20 minutes. Although your significant other may wonder why you always want to vacuum...

Out and About

Take the Stairs

This is one of those practical tips that's easy to ignore, but here's some food for thought: It only takes 10 minutes of stair climbing to burn 100 calories! A few minutes on your way in and out of work, a few minutes at the mall... It adds up! If you work in a high-rise building, hit the stairwell on your lunch break, and set your phone timer for 10 minutes. Challenge yourself to do it daily!

Lunch-Break Walk

Speaking of lunch breaks... You don't need to break a sweat or even spend the bulk of your break to burn 100 calories by walking. Just 25 minutes of moderate walking will result in 100 calories burned. Pick up the pace, and you'll burn even more. HG tip: Invite a coworker, and the time will fly by...


Talk about a perfect cold-weather activity! Plus, you don't need to be especially fit to bowl... It really is a sport for anyone. And just half an hour on the lanes burns 100 calories. It's not an everyday calorie burner, but it's a fun weekend one for sure!

Tips and Tricks

Mix 'n Match

Once you see how easy it is to incorporate these activities into your day, you'll want to double (or even triple!) up. A little Housewalking, some stretching, and a walk on your lunch break? You just burned 300 extra calories!

Stay Hydrated

Even low-key activities like these require hydration. Keep a refillable water bottle on hand throughout the day. Bonus? Getting enough H2O can keep you from feeling hungry...

Adjust the Calorie Count for Your Weight

The above estimates are based on a 155-lb. woman... Need a more exact idea of how many calories you're burning? Check out this handy activity calculator!

Happy calorie burning!

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