Summer Grilling Guide: Cook Times, Temperatures, Tips & Tricks

Jun 12 2024
We’ve been in summer mode since Memorial Day weekend, and that means it’s grill time, baby! We’re pooling our best tips & tricks for cooking by the pool (or in the yard, or on the patio). Save this info somewhere you can access easily, because you’re going to reference it over and over!

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Grilling Cheat Sheet

Flip your food at least once halfway through for even cooking, and ALWAYS check that your food is thoroughly cooked before consuming…

Beef Burgers (4 oz.)
4–8 minutes, high heat

Turkey Burgers (4 oz.)
10–12 minutes, medium-high heat

* Look for burgers that are at least 95% lean!

Chicken Breast (8 oz.)
10–12 minutes, medium heat

Steak (6 oz.)
12–14 minutes, medium-high heat

Salmon (6 oz.)
6–8 minutes, high heat

* Grill salmon on foil sprayed with nonstick spray so it doesn’t fall apart.

Veggie Burgers (frozen)
8–10 minutes, medium-high heat

Eggplant (1/2-inch-thick slices)
10–12 minutes, medium-high heat

* Add leftovers to salads, or top with veggie dip and roll them up.

Portabella Mushrooms
10–12 minutes, high heat

* Use one as a veggie burger... or two as a burger bun!

Pineapple (sliced)
4–6 minutes, medium-high heat

* Enjoy on a burger, or pair with ice cream for dessert!

Times are estimates based on common sizes when weight is not specified.

Best Grilling Tips & Hacks

Lid down. Keep the lid closed as much as possible so the grill retains heat and cooks food evenly.

Scrubadubdub. Prior to firing up the grill, use a grill brush to scrub the grate free of charred bits.

Spritz, spritz. Spray the grate well with oil so your food will slide off easily. Always spray to the grate before lighting the grill, even if it’s just a spritz. (We don’t want you to singe your eyebrows.)

Mind the temp. Invest in a meat thermometer—they’re inexpensive and worth it!

Keep it clean. Transfer plates that had raw meat on them right back to the kitchen (or have a helper run them back)... or just use disposable foil! Keep a clean platter or baking sheet on hand for cooked food to avoid cross-contamination.

Grab a basket. Use a grill basket to cook small pieces of food (think shrimp, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, etc.) to keep them from falling between the grates.

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