The Top 5 Most-Ordered HG Amazon Finds (Plus a Bonus!)

Nov 2 2018
The countdown continues: We're dishing on which of Hungry Girl’s Amazon finds were purchased the most by YOU, the fans, in 2018! We already told you about numbers 10 through 6, so now we're down to the top 5… plus revealing a bonus item that's become a recent hit!

5. Freshware Food Storage Containers

When it comes to food containers, sometimes basic is best: inexpensive, high volume, and one lid fits all. And, of course, being safe for the kitchen trifecta -- dishwasher, microwave, and freezer -- is a must! (Hello, food prep and leftovers.) This smart set is here for you. The 16-oz. deli-style containers are perfect for portion control, and you get a whopping 36 containers with lids for under $13. All BPA free, air tight, and stackable. Score! (Also high in the ranks? This quality 42-piece set by Rubbermaid!)

4. Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Cover

Because we’re not exactly the types who make every single meal from scratch, we’re fans of the mighty microwave. Unfortunately, the convenient countertop oven does tend to make food splatter as it heats. This bright blue cover has you… well… covered. Perforations in the lid let steam escape, keep food moist, and contain any mess! And we love that it’s dishwasher safe and collapses for easy storage. Not bad for a mere $7.99!

3. Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

We’ve got opinions on beauty products too! Sandal season may be over, but that’s no reason to let your feet become covered in calluses. With this mega foot file, you'll save yourself oodles of trips to the salon for pedicures. Lisa swears by this find: She jokingly calls it “a cheese grater... for your foot!” Amazon reviewers have even said it changed their life. That's one impressive foot smoother!

2. Palmini Hearts of Palm Linguine

These ready-to-eat veggie noodles were once an underground secret, but the can’s out of the bag! The concept is simple: Hearts of palm are cut into linguine-like strands and packed up into BPA-free cans. No cooking necessary! The taste is a bit similar to artichoke hearts, and it works perfectly with both chilled and hot noodle dishes. We keep ordering ‘em by the 6-can case, and we’re not likely to stop anytime soon... Get yourself a case before we order ‘em all!

1. Bottle Bright Natural Cleaning Tablets

SURPRISE! The most-ordered item from all of our 2018 recommendations is this pack of natural cleaning tablets for water bottles and other drink containers. Stubborn residue, stains, and smells are no match for the no-scrub formula. Just drop in a tablet, let it fizz, give it a rinse, and you’re ready to go! Every water bottle owner NEEDS to give this stuff a try...

BONUS: Baloray Lunch Tote Bag

But wait! In the time since the original list ran, a new item has taken a place in the top 10… This adorable and swanky lunch bag is our new #9! And for good reason: It's roomy in size; capable of holding lunch, drinks, AND snacks; only costs about $13; and doesn't make you look like you're in 3rd grade. (We love a good cartoon lunch box, but this option is better for adulting!) Whether you're trying to keep that food warm or cold, this tote is up to the challenge...
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