Healthy Eating Chain Restaurant Survival Guide Roundup

Dec 11 2015
Chain restaurants, coffee shops, fast-food joints, sandwich shops... For most people, the occasional visit is a fact of life. But it's not always easy to spot the best and worst food choices. These guides will help you find the healthiest, most calorie-conscious menu items out there!

Panera Bread Survival Guide

There are so many satisfying picks at Panera, but you need to look past those huge muffins and bread-bowl soups. We've got you covered with this guide: protein-boosted meals, amazing salads, and more. YEAH!

Quick Pick: Power Almond Quinoa Oatmeal (290 calories)

Chipotle Survival Guide

Super popular and pretty wholesome, but one can easily get into trouble here with all those add-ons. If you've got no time for the website's nutritionĀ calculator, our tips 'n tricks are a must. We've got a massive selection of smart choices, plus some scary shockers to watch out for.

Quick Pick: Burrito bowl with steak, double fajita veggies, and pinto beans (345 calories)

Starbucks Survival Guide

So many of us depend on Starbucks to get us through the hectic holiday season. Make sure you're walking in armed with this knowledge! Learn how to shave extra calories off your latte, and get the rundown on what (and what not) to chew.

Quick Pick: Grande Skinny Mocha (160 calories)

Taco Bell Survival Guide

The ubiquitous Mexican fast-food chain has once again overhauled its menu. Not only are there a good number of calorie-conscious options, there are also a bunch of certified vegetarian items! This guide is a must.

Quick Pick: Fresco Style Black Bean Burrito (340 calories)

The Cheesecake Factory Survival Guide

One look at the oversized menu, and a person's eyes can glaze over. Don't do the stressed-out thing and order the first seemingly safe thing you see! Roll up with a game plan, courtesy of this HG guide. (Spoiler alert: All the cheesecakes are calorie disasters. Sorry.)

Quick Pick: Grilled Steak Medallions (590 calories)

Subway Survival Guide

Customizable enough that everyone can find something they like here. And it's much easier to find the healthy options at Subway than at some other eateries -- thank you, Fresh Fit menu! Click & read...

Quick Pick: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on 6-inch 9-grain wheat bread (370 calories)

Red Robin Survival Guide

Don't think that all hope is lost because you've walked into a den of mega-burger debauchery. We know the ways to hack this menu, in addition to which burgs have over 1,000 calories (and it's a LOT of them). Check it out.

Quick Pick: Simply Grilled Chicken Burger without margarine and pickles (355 calories)

P.F. Chang's Survival Guide

One of the things that gets you into trouble here? Family-style dining. Even if your crew is ordering a few decadent picks, make sure the table is stocked with smart options for balance... There are plenty of 'em! Look and see.

Quick Pick: Steamed Buddha's Feast (260 calories)

Olive Garden Survival Guide

Since we know you're already thinking about them, here you go: Each breadstick has 140 calories, sans dipping sauce. In terms of the rest of the menu, we've got the full 411 here.

Quick Pick: Baked Tilapia with Shrimp (360 calories)

Ruby Tuesday Survival Guide

Ruby Tuesday is a hidden gem when it comes to eating healthier while out 'n about. This guide will show you how to be smart at the Garden Bar, what to order off the Fit & Trim menu, and which fun veggie side dishes you should pair with your meal (like spaghetti squash!).

Quick Pick: Hickory Bourbon Chicken (346 calories)

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