Flex Flavors 101: Discount Offer, Recipes & More

Jul 17 2017

What are they?

Flex Flavors are stevia-sweetened flavor packets that are insanely versatile! With 0 calories (SmartPoints® value 0*), no sugar, no gluten, and a bonus boost of prebiotic fiber, they're the perfect way to liven up your food...

• Mix into hot cereals!
• Flavor yogurt and cottage cheese!
• Give your hot or iced coffee and tea a flavor boost!
• Blend into a shake or smoothie!
• Add to DIY baked goods!
... and so much more!

Don't miss the Hungry Girl recipes below!

Why do you need them?

Flex Flavors make otherwise bland or boring foods and beverages fun and exciting. They're ideal for healthy-food fans, dieters, diabetics, kids, moms... basically anyone who loves decadent food without crazy calorie and sugar counts!

What flavors do they come in?

Get ready to be WOWED. These taste as good as they sound...

* Lemon Meringue * Pumpkin Spice * Peanut Butter Crunch * Coconut Biscotti * Blueberry Sky * Strawberry Fields * Fruity Hoops Cereal * Creme Brulee * Bananas Foster * Razzmatazz * Maple Bacon * Peach Cobbler * Monkey Bread * Italian Almond Cookie * Birthday Cake *

Try ALL fifteen flavors with this rockin' Rainbow Variety Pack!

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