Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough

Apr 1 2010
Preheat the oven, spray your baking pans, and rev up your creativity! Today, HG is saluting one of the best products EVER. This stuff makes our lives easier and our food more delicious. So put your oven-mitt-covered hands together for this blank slate of dough-liciousness... Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations!

What Is It?

Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough Sheet 
PER SERVING (1/6th of package): 120 calories, 5g fat, 300mg sodium, 16g carbs, <1g fiber, 3g sugars, 2g protein

"Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations offers a flaky, no-seamed dough sheet that is convenient and versatile for any creative cook. In just a few minutes, you can enjoy the same great taste of Pillsbury Crescents you love with endless recipes!"

Words cannot really explain how much we love this dough. Maybe someday we'll produce a full-scale Broadway musical to express our gratitude, but until then, this email will have to do.

Why Do We Love It?

Gooey Cinnamon Rolls With Cream Cheese Icing
It's INCREDIBLY delicious and versatile! This dough cooks up flaky and tasty every time, PLUS it goes with pretty much anything. Seriously. There's nothing it DOESN'T go with. Fruit, veggies, chocolate, cheese, meats, eggs, oats... You name it!

It's reduced fat... sort of. This is basically the same exact dough that's perforated and packaged as Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls, even though the package doesn't tout it as such (because the serving sizes differ). How 'bout that?!

It's SEAMLESS! This may not sound like a big deal to anyone who hasn't tried to re-seal the perforations in the old-school, triangle-cut crescent dough, but it is. Trust us. We TOTALLY appreciate this smooth sheet o' dough and all the recipe ease it's afforded us!

The Need to Know...

Mini Chicken Pot Pies
* It can be found in the fridge section of the supermarket and comes concealed in a lovely cylindrical tube.

* Once the can has been opened, the dough's life expectancy starts to diminish. Don't be sad! If you're not going to bake it immediately, just cover it with plastic wrap, refrigerate, and use within two hours.

* Make sure you roll it out on a clean dry surface. Otherwise, you could wind up with errant ingredients from your afternoon snack lodged within your soon-to-be-baked goods. (Um, GROSS.)

* This dough is user-friendly and foolproof, but if it gives you any trouble (e.g., is unusually sticky), just sprinkle your work surface and/or rolling pin with a tiny bit of flour. (Or smack it, just to let it know who's boss.)


Meat... or Meatless "Meat!" - These two items team up to make one of the best easy breakfast items around. This two-ingredient recipe for pinwheels calls for faux breakfast sausage and yields a seriously delicious swap for McDonald's Sausage Biscuits. But you can make those pinwheels with practically any precooked protein. Try it with sliced ham, turkey pepperoni, or burger-style crumbles. And if you like, serve it with some salsa or tomato sauce!

Muffin Pans - When this dough gets together with a 12-cup muffin tin, fun is SURE to follow. Think of 'em as party planners. Roll out the dough sheet, and cut it into 12 squares. Spritz your pan with nonstick spray, and press a square of dough into each cup. Fill those dough cups with almost anything you like, and bake at 375 degrees until golden brown, about 12 - 15 minutes. (If your filling is raw, make sure it can be fully cooked in that amount of time.) AMAZING. And each delicious doughy cup itself has just 60 calories and 3g fat (PointsPlus® value 2*). Hooray!

FRIENEMY ALERT! The Danish - If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (which we TRULY believe), then fatty Danishes must feel pretty special. This dough has been featured in recipes for TWO HG Danish swaps: our Crazy-Delicious Cheesy Cherry Danish and our Chocolate-Chippy Cheese Danish.

Dough-licious Recipe Round-Up

Bake it, eat it, love it...

Egga-Pinwheels - Who needs a fast-food breakfast sandwich when you can have a batch of these ready to go in the A.M.?

Swingin' Cinna-Monkey Bread Singles - The sticky, pull-apart classic gets a portion-controlled, stats-slashed makeover!

Ba Na Na Crazy Caramel Shortcakes - This dessert is totally irresistible. We love these wacky shortcakes!

Gooey Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing - Have a copy of Hungry Girl 200 Under 200? Use the seamless dough sheet instead of the perforated stuff to make this recipe. SO MUCH EASIER!

Backyard BBQ Beef Cups, Creamed Corn-Cheese Bites, Caramel Swirl Cream Puffs, Tomato Bacon Tarts, and Jammin' Tarts - All five of these amazing and all-new recipes can be found in our BRAND-SPANKIN'-NEW book, Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet! It's in stores NOW!

Chew on this:

Today, April 1st, is National Sheet of Guilt-Free Dough in a Can Day. KIDDING! It's April Fools' Day, and only a FOOL wouldn't befriend Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough Sheets!

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