Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Keep You Satisfied

Oct 5 2022

We asked the Hungry Girl community & members of our Facebook page, "What's your go-to breakfast when you want something that'll keep you satisfied for hours?" Hope you're ready to get some easy & healthy breakfast inspiration…

Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas Featuring… Eggs!

No big surprise to see strong support for eggs—we're all about that protein. And we fully support loading them up with veggies and pairing with nutritious sides!

An omelet using up leftover veggies and cheese. —Wendy D.

Egg sandwich: a 100-calorie English muffin, 1 fried egg, 1 slice Canadian bacon, and sometimes a bit of cheese. —Rosemary B.

Egg & tomato scramble with a touch of pesto on it. —Eileen G.

One egg bulked up with Egg Beaters and veggies, with avocado on top and a side of fruit. Almost every day. —Tina M.

Egg whites with veggies and half a grapefruit. I have it every morning. Delicious! —Eileen A.

Scrambled eggs with spinach, roasted sweet potatoes, and fruit. —Toni B.

Egg whites and veggies in a mug, of course. —Regina M.

A boiled egg (salted), a Colby jack cheese stick, and a cup of hot cream tea. Later, a mixed berry Greek yogurt. —Karen M.

HG Tip: Click here for a bunch of easy egg mug recipes!

Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas Featuring… Yogurt!

These yogurt fans know how to keep things well rounded! We love seeing how everyone tops their bowls...

Yogurt parfait with fruit, granola, flax, and nuts. —Roberta W.

Nonfat Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and slivered almonds. —Donna F.

1 cup Greek yogurt, monk fruit brown sugar, 1/4 to 1/3 cup instant oats, and up to 1 cup fruit. (Cherries are my favorite.) Cool Whip on some days. —Linda D.

Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas Featuring… Toast & More!

Whether it’s sliced bread, an English muffin, a slim bagel, or even rice cakes, a crispy base is always a solid call when you want to pile on the toppings.

2 rice cakes with The Laughing Cow Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack cheese, avocado, a squeeze of lemon or lime, a sliced hard-boiled egg, Tabasco, and everything bagel seasoning. Ridiculously good! —Laurie G.

Good Foods Avocado Mash (seasoned mashed avocado with lemon juice) is my favorite… Spread it on the toast, and add an egg or two. —Kathy N.

Avocado toast with arugula and sliced hard-boiled egg. —Leslie P.

Low-fat or nonfat cottage cheese on toasted pumpernickel bread. —Joyce E.

Rice cakes with peanut butter or a thick slice of freshly picked tomato. —Karen D.

Last night's leftovers on an English muffin with melted cheese. —Phyllis M.

An Everything Bagel Thin with jalapeño cream cheese, red onion, tomato, bread & butter pickle slices, and sliced jalapeño. Sometimes I add a thin slice of deli ham. – Martha A.

More Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

Get creative with these ideas from your fellow HG fans…

A savory cottage cheese bowl with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and pumpkin seeds. – Marti G.

Spray a microwave-safe plate with cooking spray, and add a corn tortilla. Crack two eggs on top and stir, breaking yolks with a fork. Add a second tortilla, and top with low-fat shredded cheddar. It's best to cover with a microwaveable cover, then nuke for two minutes. Top with taco sauce, and eat. – Jo S.

Mine is a strip of MorningStar Farms Veggie Bacon Strips, a scrambled egg, and a slice of ultra-thin cheese, all served on a slice of toasted sturdy bread with light butter. Spinach optional. – Kathy P.

I prepare a packet of Cinnamon Roll flavored Better Oats 100 Calorie Oatmeal. Then I add 1 tbsp. vanilla protein powder and 1 cup of sliced strawberries. – Linda K.

Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas Featuring… Oatmeal!

Not only was oatmeal a top candidate—for good reason—but so many people specifically shouted-out how much they love Hungry Girl recipes!

Chew on this:

Awww, it's National Do Something Nice Day, October 5th! Pick a person, look up a recipe you know they'd love, then surprise them with it.

Share the inspiration… We all need more easy & healthy breakfast ideas to keep us satisfied!

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