16 Ways to Use Precooked Chicken: Breakfast, Lunch & Beyond

Aug 9 2017
Question@2x Hi Hungry Girl,

I like my meals to have a little meat in them, but I hate prepping and cooking the raw stuff. Do you have any recipe ideas using precooked chicken?

Cranky Carnivore
Answer@2x Hi Cranky Carnivore,

Fully cooked chicken breast is the answer to your poultry prayers! Choose from frozen chicken cutlets, precooked strips in the refrigerated section, or a rotisserie chicken (stick with the leaner breast meat, and ditch the skin). Here are a few of my favorite ways to use precooked chicken...


Chicken and eggs go so well together... No surprise there! Add some chopped chicken to your morning egg mug, scramble, or omelette. Not into eggs? No problem. Make a hearty breakfast bowl with chopped chicken, cooked veggies, frozen hash browns, salsa, and light sour cream.


Throw together a last-minute packed lunch without any cooking whatsoever. Mason-jar salads with chopped chicken are the way to go! Not in the mood for salad? Add chicken strips to a wrap made with a high-fiber tortilla or flatbread -- I like mine with 100 calories or less, like Flatout Light -- or make a yummy chicken salad sandwich with light mayo and your go-to add-ins. Another option? Whip up a no-cook "stir-fry" with broccoli cole slaw and your favorite low-calorie sauce.


This is where precooked chicken really shines. Add it to basically anything: casseroles, veggie noodles, Tofu Shirataki, pizza... even traditionally meatless meals. Bulk up pasta, chili, and more with extra protein (but no extra time)!


Yes, chicken can be a snack! Pump up your nachos with chicken for a hearty upgrade. Mix with dressing, and serve in crisp lettuce cups. Bake wonton wrappers for tiny taco shells, and stuff 'em with chicken. Or just toss with dressing and other goodies!

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