Healthy Amazon Food Finds: Low-Sugar Baking Mixes, Best-Selling Brownie Pans & More

Oct 8 2021
This week's Amazon Live was so much fun! Wanna loop back and order some of the good stuff from the episode? We've got your back…

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Carb-Conscious, Low-Sugar Baking Made Easy!

Brown Swerve & Swerve Sweets Brownie Mix

We are HUGE fans of Swerve. Their lineup of natural sugar replacements and simple low-sugar baking mixes is out of this world! Brown Swerve (0 calories) is sweet and delicious with no aftertaste like some other sweeteners… Use it as a cup-for-cup replacement for brown sugar in your favorite recipes. And Swerve Sweets Brownie Mix is grain free, gluten free, and made with premium ingredients: only 90 calories, 1g sugar, and 5g net carbs per serving! Just follow the directions on the back of the box, and you’re on your way to a decadent, better-for-you dessert! Preheat that oven…


Get This Bestselling Baking Pan ASAP!

Wilton Perfect Results Brownie Pan

Every time we feature this pan, you guys go nuts! Want chewy edges and a soft middle on every brownie in the pan… with no slicing required? We HIGHLY recommend you pick up one of these pans, designed to yield perfectly shaped squares with steel construction and nonstick coating. Skip the usual scruffy edges and bake your Swerve brownie mix (which we're guessing is already in your cart) in this popular pan.

Make Halloween Treats with These Fun Holiday Molds!

Dymals Halloween Party Candy Molds

These fun spooky shapes are perfect for making DIY Halloween treats. Just use the recipe for our DIY Gummy Bears to make creepy low-sugar jigglers in these awesome molds. Making treats for a grown-up party? Swap out some of the water for alcohol! Order the molds now so you're ready for the end of the month.

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Before the week wraps up, guess what? It's National Fluffernutter Day, October 8th! We're going to leave this Peanut Butter Cake in a Mug right here with the suggestion to top it with marshmallow crème…

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