Beauty Foods & Recipes for Healthy Skin & Hair

May 11 2018
Eat your way to glowing skin and glossy hair! Your diet makes a difference, and it's easy to get the right nutrients into your life with these five (fabulous!) additions...

Fermented Foods

You've probably heard that probiotics are good for your gut. Well, that good you're doing for your insides also benefits your outsides! When your gut is full of good bacteria, it can eliminate toxins that could take a toll on your body, including the largest organ: the skin. Yogurt is a great go-to (look for the Live & Active Cultures seal), but also reach for sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and kefir!


This golden spice is super trendy, but it’s good for more than getting double taps on your Instagram. Curcumin is the star compound in turmeric that gives it its oomph. It's got antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, which work together to help with skin inflammation, healing, acne, and the effects of aging. WOW.


"But Hungry Girl, I'm sick of kale." While you might have burned out on kale salads over the last few years, the fact remains that it’s crazy healthy. A cup of kale is loaded with vitamins A and C, which give your skin a definite boost. If you need some delicious ideas for ways to enjoy your kale, we’ve got ‘em...


The benefits of tomatoes go way past the usual “veggies are good for you.” The beta-carotene and lycopene in tomatoes have been found to help protect your skin against UV rays. That's right: Apply sunscreen, then eat a tomato salad to protect your skin from the inside out! Convenient that tomatoes are at their best during the super sunny months, no?


This isn't just a matter of slathering an oat mask on your face (although that's a solid move). Eating oatmeal is also good for your skin and hair. Oats are full of zinc, biotin, and potassium -- all nutrients you want for a healthy head of hair. And that zinc is excellent for your skin, especially in combatting acne.

Hungry for More Beauty Foods & Recipe Ideas?

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Chew on this:

Today (May 11th) is Eat What You Want Day, so we're not gonna tell you what to eat. But if you want to eat a pile of pizza-style veggie tots, we've got you covered.

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