Exercise Motivation Tricks

Mar 1 2019

They don't call it working out because it's easy! Staying motivated to exercise regularly can be tough! And sometimes, you need a few tricks up your sleeve in order to get the job done. Here are some tried & true tips for when you need some extra motivation…

Get yourself some new workout clothes or sneakers.

OK, you can't play this card EVERY time you don't want to work out (that's why we have 6 other tips!), but buying a few new pieces can help you feel more excited to kickstart a workout habit. Survey your current exercise wardrobe to see what could use an update. And having a good pair of sneaks can make all the difference!

Set out your workout clothes the night before.

Shoes, socks… The whole nine yards. Have them all ready to go, waiting for you when you wake up. Then don't give yourself a chance to overthink it… Just put on your workout clothes right away. Once you’ve got your exercise gear on, that nagging “should I skip it today?” voice will have less of an argument. Exercising will start to feel more like a routine than an inner debate.

Get a FitBit… or another tracker!

There's just something about seeing your number of steps rack up on a fitness tracker that motivates you to get moving. Hitting your goal gives you such a rush! (Who doesn’t love a gold star for their hard work?) If you’ve been putting off investing in a FitBit, nip that excuse in the bud by purchasing a less-expensive step tracker, like this one (lovingly referred to as a "ShmitBit" here at Hungryland).

Set micro goals.

If you find a full-on workout intimidating, set smaller benchmarks for physical activity. Aim for 3,000 steps by noon, or commit to doing 10 minutes of Housewalking before you leave the house. Then gradually work up to more movement once you find your groove.

Make a favorite show, audiobook, or podcast a “walking only” event.

We’ve got a deep love for walking while watching or listening to shows. Lisa is known to pair her treadmill time with Dateline, and a few of us won’t cue up our favorite podcast or audiobook unless we’re walking around. You can also make Housewalking more fun by throwing on a TV show that doesn't require your eyes to be glued to the screen, and then walking around your living room as it plays.

Find motivation in things other than your appearance.

If the only thing that inspires you to exercise is the way you’ll look, you’re short changing yourself. Focus on feeling stronger, being healthier, having more energy, and living longer. That feeling of accomplishment after you crush a workout is pretty great too!

Start listening to high-energy music before your workout.

Upbeat music is a great way to keep yourself going as you exercise, but it can also get you in the mood to move beforehand! Put together a special playlist, or find a station that blasts energizing music. If you get your tunes from a platform like Spotify or Amazon Music, you’ll find playlists specially made for exercising! Bonus: You might find a new favorite song. Enough stalling… Hop to it!

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