Hungry Girl’s Official Supermarket List

Jan 24 2020
It's that time again -- the annual Hungry Girl supermarket list is HERE. It’s chock-full of our grocery-store must-haves for meals, snacks, sweets, and beyond. Check it out, and click here for a printer-friendly checklist-style version!

Abbreviations: FF = fat-free, RF = reduced-fat, LF = low-fat, NSA = no-sugar-added



• RF shredded cheese
• RF/thin cheese slices
• Dairy-free cheese (check calorie counts): Lisanatti Foods, Go Veggie, Field Roast Chao, Daiya
• RF cheese snacks with 100 calories or less: Mini Babybel, Cabot Serious Snacking, Jarlsberg Minis
• Light/RF string cheese & cheese sticks
• Crumbled feta cheese
• The Laughing Cow cheese wedges
• Grated Parmesan cheese
• RF cream cheese
• LF or light ricotta cheese (part-skim has more calories)
• LF cottage cheese with & without fruit

Yogurt & Yogurt Swaps

• FF/light yogurt
• Reduced-sugar yogurt: YQ by Yoplait, Chobani Less Sugar, Two Good
• FF & RF Greek yogurt plain & with fruit
• Probiotic yogurt: Dannon Activia
• Skyr: Icelandic Provisions, Siggi's
• Non-dairy yogurt: Kite Hill, So Delicious, Oui by Yoplait

Egg Products

• Liquid egg whites or FF liquid egg substitute
• Eggs
• Crepini Egg White Thins
• Just Egg Plant-Based Scramble 

Milk & Milk Swaps

• FF dairy milk
• Light vanilla soymilk
• Unsweetened almond or cashew milk (refrigerated or shelf-stable): try Blue Diamond’s almond-cashew blend
• Unsweetened coconut milk beverage (refrigerated or shelf-stable): like Blue Diamond’s almond-coconut blend
• Oat milk: Silk Oat Yeah
• Almond Breeze Almondmilk Blended with Real Bananas

Sour Cream & Butter

• Light sour cream
• Light buttery spread, light butter, or whipped butter in a tub


Cold Cereal

• High-fiber bran cereal: Fiber One Original, All-Bran Original, Nature's Path Smart Bran
• Other cereals with about 150 calories & 4 grams of fiber per cup: Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon Oat Cereal, Kashi by Kids, Fiber One Honey Clusters, Barbara's Puffins, Cheerios

Hot Cereal

• Old-fashioned oats (for growing oatmeal & oat bakes)
• Steel-cut oats (for slow-cooker & Instant Pot oatmeal)
• Instant oatmeal packets



• Ready-to-eat skinless chicken breast: Tru Grill
• Boneless skinless raw chicken breast & turkey breast
• Lean chicken or turkey burgers (refrigerated or frozen)
• Fully cooked chicken sausage (refrigerated)
• Chicken or turkey meatballs
• Lean or extra-lean ground turkey (at least 93% lean)
• Lean or extra-lean ground chicken (at least 93% lean)
• Turkey pepperoni
• Turkey sausage patties


• Extra-lean ground beef (96% lean)
• Extra-lean & lean steak (filet, flank, top round, top sirloin, strip, tenderloin, T-bone & shoulder)


• Extra-lean & lean pork (tenderloin, top loin chops, top loin roast, center loin chops, center rib chops & sirloin roast)


• Center-cut bacon or turkey bacon
• Precooked real crumbled bacon or turkey bacon

Packaged & Deli Meats

• Extra-lean turkey breast, chicken breast, ham & roast beef slices (look for natural and/or lower-sodium)
• Hot dogs with around 45 calories each: Hebrew National 97% FF, Ball Park White Meat Smoked Turkey

Seafood (fresh & frozen)

• Tilapia, tuna, salmon, cod, sea bass & other fish fillets
• Shrimp
• Crab (real or imitation)
• Smoked salmon

Shelf-Stable Seafood & Other Proteins

• Canned & pouched albacore tuna packed in water
• Canned & pouched boneless & skinless pink salmon packed in water
• Pouched seasoned tuna & tuna salad: StarKist
• StarKist Salmon Creations
• StarKist Chicken Creations


• Frozen meatless burger-style patties with 150 calories or less
• Frozen meatless veggie-burger patties with 150 calories or less
• Meatless crumbles (ground meat swap)
• Meatless meatballs (frozen)
• Faux chicken (refrigerated or frozen)
• Meatless sausage (refrigerated or frozen)
• Meatless Buffalo wings (refrigerated or frozen)
• Meatless bacon
• Meatless deli slices (refrigerated): Tofurky, Lightlife, Yves
• Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods Traditional Seitan Strips
• Nasoya Tofu Toss'ables
• MorningStar Farms Veggie Classics Corn Dogs
• Soy chorizo
• House Foods Tofu Shirataki noodle substitute (refrigerated tofu section)

Meatless brands we love: MorningStar Farms, Boca, Amy’s, Alpha, Sweet Earth, Lightlife


Fresh Fruits

Choose your favorites! We love apples, oranges, and raspberries.

Bagged Produce

• Lettuce mixes
• Cole slaw mix
• Broccoli cole slaw

Veggies as Carb Swaps

• Spaghetti squash
• Zucchini (spiralize it!)
• Turnips (noodles & fries)
• Cauliflower (rice & mashies)
• Butternut squash (fries)
• Carrots (more fries!)
• Portabellas (pizza-bellas!)
• Eggplant (lasagna noodles)

More Fresh Veggies

Choose your favorites! Jicama, baby carrots & more...

Frozen Vegetables

• Stir-fry veggies
• Steam-in-the-bag veggies
• Sweet corn kernels
• Riced veggies
• Spiralized veggies
• Veggie tots
• Cauliflower gnocchi

Green Giant is our go-to veggie brand!

Frozen Fruit (NSA)

Strawberries, cherries, mango… Choose your favorites!


Fruit & Veggies

• Pineapple, mandarin orange segments & other fruits packed in juice
• NSA applesauce
• Pure pumpkin: Libby's
• Crushed tomatoes (just add seasonings for a sauce swap)
• More tomatoes (diced, stewed, seasoned, etc.)
• Pickles (refrigerated or shelf-stable)


• Light soups: Amy's Organic (Chunky Tomato Bisque!), Progresso Light, Campbell's Healthy Request & Well Yes!, Pacific Foods
• LF turkey & veggie chili
• Chicken, beef & vegetable broth (look for lower-sodium)


• Black beans
• Red and/or white (cannellini) kidney beans
• Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
• Refried beans


Crackers, Chips & Other Crunchy Snacks

• Crackers with fiber: Wasa Crisp’n Light, Old London Melba Toast, Van's Gluten Free, Finn Crisp, Real Food From the Ground Up
• Multigrain popped cakes: Coco Lite, Kim’s Magic Pop
• RF baked & popped chips
• LF baked tortilla chips
• Protein Chips: PopCorners Flex, Yes Peas from Popchips
• Puffed Snacks: Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs, Vegan Rob’s Plant Based Cauliflower Puffs, Hippeas, and Angie’s Boomchickapop Puffs
• Veggie chips made mostly with veggies: Rhythm Superfoods, Bare
• Crispy roasted beans: Bada Bean Bada Boom (from Enlightened), Biena, Saffron Road
• Seaweed snacks
• Ready-to-eat light popcorn
• Freeze-dried fruit (airy & light, not shriveled like ordinary dried fruit)
• Baked cheese snacks: Whisps, ParmCrisps, Moon Cheese
• Roasted edamame: Seapoint Farms

Snack Bars & Other Treats

• Cereal bars & chewy granola bars with 150 calories or less
• Protein bars under 250 calories: KIND, Luna, Larabar, GoMacro MacroBar, NuGo Slim Protein Bars, RXBars, Vital Proteins Collagen Bar, Atlas Protein Bar, GoodTo Go
• Clio Greek Yogurt Bars (refrigerated)
• More delicious treats: Smashcrispy, 34 Degrees Sweet Crisps, Imag!ne Yogurt Crisps, Perfect Bites Refrigerated Protein Snacks

Nuts & Seeds

• Pistachios in the shell
• Sliced almonds
• 100-calorie packs of almonds & cashews
• SkinnyDipped Almonds
• Chia seeds

Jerky & Other Meat Snacks

• Beef, chicken, turkey, pork & meatless jerky (with about 100 calories per ounce)
• Single-serve meat sticks/bars with 100 calories or less


• Light/thin/whole-grain bread slices (40 - 80 calories each)
• Flat sandwich buns with 150 calories or less
• Light English muffins
• High-fiber pitas
• Large high-fiber flour tortillas with about 100 calories each (we like La Tortilla Factory and Tumaro’s)
• Light high-fiber flatbreads
• 6-inch corn tortillas
• Corn taco shells (flat-bottomed)
• Light & thin bagels
• Outer Aisle Plantpower Sandwich Thins


• Reduced-calorie breakfast sandwiches, bowls, wraps & more: Jimmy Dean Delights, Special K, Cedarlane, Veggies Made Great (frittatas!), Good Food Made Simple, Dr. Praeger’s
• Burritos & wraps with 300 calories or less: Amy's, Cedarlane, Red's, Sweet Earth
• Healthy pizzas (check the calories and # of servings; then do the math!): Green Giant, Lean Cuisine, Sweet Earth, Real Good Foods (cauliflower & chicken crust options!), Smart Flour Foods Ancient Grains (Gluten Free), Caulipower
• Classic light entrees: Kashi, Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, Cedarlane, Amy's Light & Lean, Scott & Jon’s Bowls


• Enlightened light ice cream pints
• Single-serving light ice cream: Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned cups
• Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars
• So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Desserts (No Sugar Added)
• Enlightened light ice cream bars
• LF fudge bars
• Fruit bars with 100 calories or less
• Mini fillo/phyllo shells: Athens
• Natural light whipped topping: Truwhip Skinny, So Delicious Cocowhip Light
• Frozen fruit in chocolate: Dole Dippers, Tru Fru Frozen Fresh
• Mochi: My/Mo


• Light & LF salad dressings: Newman's Own, Bolthouse Farms, Litehouse, Margie's
• Vinegar (balsamic, rice, seasoned rice, red wine, white wine, cider)
• BBQ sauce with 45 calories or less per 2-tbsp. serving: Stubb's
• Light mayonnaise
• Hellmann's/Best Foods Dijonnaise
• Mustard (honey, Dijon, spicy brown, yellow & fun flavors)
• Ketchup
• Hot sauce: Frank's RedHot Original, sriracha
• RF or regular peanut butter
• Portion-controlled peanut butter packs: Justin's, RX
• Powdered peanut butter
• Low-sugar fruit preserves & jam
• Marinades with 30 calories or less per tbsp.
• LF marinara, pasta & pizza sauce
• Salsa
• Hummus
• Single-serving guacamole: Wholly Guacamole Minis
• Reduced-sodium/lite soy sauce
• Slawsa


• Spring water
• Flavored water (check calories & servings per container)
• Low-calorie & light juice beverages
• Low-calorie drink mixes: True Citrus, Crystal Light, Wyler’s Light, Starbucks VIA Instant Refreshers
• Natural zero-calorie soda & club soda
• Unsweetened sparkling water
• Unsweetened & diet iced tea
• Unsweetened instant iced tea mix
• Tea bags: Red Rose Sweet Temptations, Celestial Seasonings, Good Earth, Southern Breeze Sweet Tea
• Ready-to-brew coffee and/or K-cups
• Instant coffee granules
• Starbucks VIA Ready Brew
• Cold-brew coffee


• Whole-wheat flour
• Whole-wheat or regular panko breadcrumbs
• Protein powder with about 100 calories per serving: Quest, Designer Whey, Tera's Whey, Jay Robb
• Low-sugar cake mix: Swerve Sweets Cake Mix
• Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
• Unsweetened cocoa powder
• Unsweetened coconut flakes
• Nonstick cooking spray
• Grapeseed oil and/or olive oil
• Refrigerated crescent roll dough: Annie's Organic, Pillsbury
• Whole-grain/high-fiber pasta
• RightRice
• Palmini Hearts of Palm Linguine and Lasagna
• Natural no-calorie sweetener packets
• Natural no-calorie granulated sweetener
• Everything bagel seasoning (and all your other favorite seasonings!)
• Metamucil Sugar Free Daily Fiber Supplement
• Sugar-free French vanilla powdered creamer
• Mrs. Dash salt-free seasonings

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