Healthy Eating at the Office: Snacks, Lunches & More

Feb 15 2019
This is your must-read, must-bookmark, must-share survival guide to healthy eating in the workplace! The snacks you want, the tips you need, and the make-ahead recipes you’ll love…

Survival Strategies for 5 Common Workplace Scenarios

1. There are pastries in the break room. Again. First of all, don’t show up to work hungry. Have a satisfying breakfast, whether you eat before work or bring it with you. Here are 12 on-the-go breakfast recipes you’ll flip over. And keep a protein bar or two (we love this low-sugar find) on hand for emergencies, like those times when you’re running out the door and forget all about breakfast! If those pastries are still calling your name, pop a piece of mint gum and down some water to keep hunger at bay.

2. The team is ordering in lunch. Look up the restaurant's menu online, and do some sleuthing. Even if nutritional info isn’t provided, you can poke around for the healthiest selections. Stick to lean protein and veggies, and order your sauces and dressings on the side. Check out these restaurant hacks for more ideas!

3. Time for a catered company lunch! When the menu is out of your control, just make the best choices you can, and watch your portions. Look for lean protein and veggies. (No shame in pulling the turkey out of a sandwich and piling it onto some salad!) And challenge yourself to stick to a single plateful. This way, you’ll be more aware of your total intake and less likely to overdo it.

4. Someone’s making a coffee run… First of all, it's OK to say no. You'll save money AND calories avoiding coffee-shop drinks. But if you want to indulge, you can’t go wrong with a fruity hot tea or a coffee with a splash of skim milk and no-calorie sweetener on the side. If you want a pump of sugar-free flavor in your coffee, go for it! HG tip: Keep a few of your go-to sweetener packets on you at all times.

5. The vending machines taunt you daily. This one’s easy: Assemble a personal snack stash with swaps for the items that tempt you most, plus high-protein picks to tide you over between meals. Read on for suggestions…

Shelf-Stable Snacks

Stock your desk drawer with all sorts of snacks: sweet, salty, chewy, and crunchy. Here’s an essential list of 18 on-the-go snacks that have less than 175 calories… and here are three recent favorites that clock in with less than 200!

Snacks to Stash in the Fridge

You can never go wrong with fresh fruit and veggies: Here are eight of the most filling picks! In addition, stock up on high-protein finds like these…

Take-Along Lunches: No Heat Required

Pop one in the fridge, or keep it in an insulated lunch box!

Take-Along Lunches: Heat 'n Eat

Cook these up ahead of time, and place individual servings in microwave-friendly containers…

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