Solutions for Common Healthy-Eating Struggles

Jan 3 2024
We asked the Hungry Girl community for their biggest struggles with healthy eating… and the community RESPONDED! We’re kicking off 2024 with Lisa’s top tips for some of the most common issues. Read up on a few of the topics, then listen to the latest episode of the Hungry Girl podcast for more!

Healthy Eating Struggle #1: When the Sweet Tooth Attacks

We’ve been there before, and we’ll be there again! A few key tips that we go back to time and again…

Keep low-sugar/no-sugar sweets on hand. If you can’t avoid the cravings, feed ‘em with better-for-you choices! Think low-sugar chocolate, light ice cream, and sugar-slashed candy. Low-calorie cocoa and dessert-flavored tea are two underrated fixes! And fresh fruit with some melted chocolate chips on top is a fantastic balanced approach.

Set a stop-eating time. For many of us, nighttime is when those sugar cravings hit. It’s not for everyone, but setting a hard & fast guideline like “I don’t eat after 8pm” can be really effective for stopping grazing in its tracks. Think of it as an easier method of intermittent fasting, with just an early-evening to breakfast no-eating window.

Healthy Eating Struggle #2: Problems with Portion Control

It can be hard to know what a proper portion size is… and when you’ve exceeded it. Buying portion-controlled snacks like single-serving bags and other individually wrapped treats is always helpful. Don’t like the plastic waste or added expense? Buy in bulk, and measure servings into reusable baggies or food storage containers. If you find yourself accidentally overserving yourself at meals, using smaller plates and bowls sounds like a silly suggestion, but it WORKS.

Healthy Eating Struggle #3: The Price of Healthy Food

We have a LOT of these tips that we’ve curated over the years. Here are a few to start with…

* Make use of grocery store apps for exclusive coupons and to compare prices.
* Stock up on store-brand basics like oats, yogurt, and egg substitute.
* Stick to whole produce, and do the chopping yourself.
* Use frozen and canned foods. They can be just as nutritious, and there’s little risk of them going bad.
* Buy pantry staples in bulk: grains, shelf-stable almond milk, nuts, etc.

Healthy Eating Struggle #4: Emotional Eating

This issue’s more complex than simple cravings. If this is a recurring issue for you, make a point to PAUSE and ask yourself if you're truly hungry or just looking for comfort. If you’re legitimately hungry, then nourish that body! If not, take a beat to ask yourself what’s really up. Do a bit of journaling (even if it’s just in your Notes app) or call a friend: See if you can’t find a better way to address the problem at hand. Don’t run from those emotions—face them head on! For example, if you eat when you're lonely, make a point of building out your calendar with simple social activities like coffee dates with friends.

Get More Advice from Lisa on this Week’s Podcast!

The Healthy New Year Episode

Lisa, Jamie, and Mikey give their best tips on today’s topics and more in the first Hungry Girl podcast of 2024. Hit play now as they discuss some of the HG community’s top concerns. Both Lisa AND Jamie have maintained a 30-lb. plus weight loss for more than a decade, so they’ve got LOTS to share on this subject (and Mikey’s along for the ride with some tips of his own)!

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Chew on this:

Today, January 3rd, is National Chocolate-Filled Cherry Day! Enjoy the sweet combo in a healthy breakfast way with this Black Forest Oatmeal.

Pass along today’s solutions to healthy-eating struggles to anyone who’s expressed to you that they could use a little support.


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