Our Best-Selling Amazon Finds of 2019

Dec 20 2019
With so many food finds, kitchen tools, and other goodies out there, a curated list of popular Amazon finds featured on Hungry Girl is a MUST. We’re counting down the five best-selling picks from 2019, so get ready to fill your virtual shopping cart…

HG Heads-Up: Our Amazon finds often sell out, so grab ‘em before they’re gone!

#5: Sabatino Tartufi Truffle & Salt

This seasoned salt became a personal favorite of Lisa’s this year. It truly elevates ordinary dishes -- like eggs, chicken, and veggies -- and gives them a rich & flavorful boost. Give it a try! And if you like restaurant-style truffle fries, you'll love our baked fries dressed up with truffle salt…

#4: Wilton Non-Stick 6-Cavity Donut Baking Pans

Donuts are delicious, but standard fried versions aren't always worth the caloric investment. Still wanna eat ‘em? So do we. That’s why we've made several better-for-you donut recipes using this convenient pan! Bonus: You can also use it to make these all-protein Everything Bageled Eggs.

#3: Wishful Seasoning Not Just Bagel Seasoning

Speaking of everything bagels, this seasoning blend is one of the MVPs of 2019. Our local Trader Joe's struggled to keep their product in stock. (We probably bought more than our share, sorry!) So we took to the internet to stock up and found this bargain buy. It comes in an extra-large shaker and costs less than TJ’s, ounce for ounce. Stock up, and check out all the bagel-inspired recipes from this past year…

#2: ODODOS Side Stitch Yoga Pants with Pocket

The quest for the perfect workout pants is real… and possibly over! People went nuts for these stretchy & comfortable leggings this year, which come in various lengths and colors. They’ve got over 10,000 Amazon reviews, with an average of 4 stars! The full-sized pockets are a major plus: They can easily carry your phone & keys, letting you go hands-free.

#1: SENHAI Gummy Bear Silicone Candy Molds

The top-selling item of the year came courtesy of a feature in our recipe for DIY Gummy Bears. If you love the chewy candies but are keeping an eye on your sugar intake, get a pack of these candy molds and make yourself some 2-ingredient sugar-free treats. The set comes with a handy dropper that makes filling the bear-shaped divots super easy.
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We may receive affiliate compensation from some of these links. Prices and availability are subject to change.

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