5 Super-Sizing Calorie Bargains

Mar 13 2020
Looking for ways to increase your portion size without adding too many calories? These five tips will be your new BFFs, and they brought some recipes along for the ride…

“Grow” Your Oatmeal

No, we don’t mean you should grow your own oats! Hungry Girl’s growing oatmeal technique uses twice as much liquid as ordinary oatmeal, and it cooks for twice as long. Once it cools a little and thickens, you’re left with a HUGE bowl of hot cereal that will fill you up and keep you full for hours.

Super-Size Pasta with Veggie Noodles

There’s a middle ground between eating big plates of pasta and eliminating it completely, and THIS is that middle ground. Toss equal parts whole-wheat pasta with your veggie noodles of choice: spiralized zucchini, spaghetti squash, turnip noodles, etc. And to make your lasagna a little taller and less calorie dense, trade some of the noodles for slabs of zucchini or eggplant!

Beef Up Ground Meat with Mushrooms

Ever notice that cooked chopped mushrooms have a meaty texture and savory taste? This makes them ideal for mixing with ground meat! Whether you use beef, turkey, or chicken, the mushrooms will absorb the flavor, making them taste even meatier and giving you a much larger portion.

Pump Up Sweet Snack Mixes with Smart Ingredients

Trail mix and granola are tasty, but they’re pretty high in calories and the serving sizes are teeny-tiny! Make one portion go a lot further by adding high-volume, low-calorie mix-ins like freeze-dried fruit, puffed cereal, and light popcorn. Unfamiliar with freeze-dried fruit? It’s like the light & airy cousin of traditional dried fruit, and it rocks!

Go Crazy with Cauliflower

What CAN’T cauliflower do? (Seriously, we’re asking.) Once cooked, it’s the perfect potato doppelganger, whether mashed or chopped. And while we generally go full-on riced cauliflower in our recipes, you can easily modify those to use half rice and half cauliflower. (Try it with protein-packed RightRice!)

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